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    Sunny Southern California
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    My son, scrapbooking, hanging with friends, horseback riding, the beach, hikes, showing my son animals, therapy lol. <br /><br />Anything that reminds of why life is so beautiful and reminds me to treasure it.

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  1. I also need to speak to one but can't start new threads! Can someone PM me as well please? Sorry to hijack
  2. Thanks! I also did PM you, I hope I can check my mailbox lol. I was seriously wondering if I got banned? I don't get it. I even tried going from another computer here at home and no go. Same error. I promise I never did anything to get banned!
  3. I have removed my anti-virus system, tested three different browsers, opened all controls (security settings such as cookies, etc). I don't know what else to do? That's why I keep asking for help ISP - I will try to email it instead of posting it here if you don't mind. Thank you,
  4. No, it has not been fixed. I still can't access any forums (TWO months now). I have repeatedly emailed and asked for help and I got ONE email back the first time telling me someone in tech would help. Never heard, checked my junkmail. I tried emailing a few moderators and couldn't get into the mail box. Then their mailboxes were full. I can't start any threads since I can't get into the main forum pages. I have consistently checked my junk mail in case I got contacted and nothing. This has been going on for two months, I repeat it has NOT been fixed and I have NOT gotten any answers.
  5. I have been so frustrated!! I get an IPS Driver Error anytime I try to click on a forum. I have emailed several times and no one will help. This has been going on for two months now!!! I have tried to be patient and I have done anything I could to to see if it was on my end but its not. I also tried three different browsers and the same thing happens. The only way I get to see the threads is by email alerts and that still works. I wish someone would help me.
  6. I ignored the dishes, and ate an ice cream bar with no care in the world. It helped!
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