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  1. Thank you everyone Hoping you all are doing well also. Many healing hugs to you all
  2. Hi Everyone! I've been inactive on the AS since round about 2008 and I'm back A few years have passed and a lot has happened in my life, both good and not so good. But I can say in all honesty, I've grown, became stronger and hopefully wiser also It's great to see all the old faces and new faces here and I hope everyone has been keeping well. Healing thoughts to all and in a sense, it's good to be back
  3. Hi you all.... Just dropping in to let you know, I'm not gone for good and I hope to be more actively part of AS soon. I am truely missing you all so much and can't wait to catch up with everyone again. Alana (Nax) told me of all the support, love and care I received from you all and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for what you mean to me. I think for the first time since I left my husband and alot of other things happened also, I'm starting to see some light again, but yes, there is still so much to solve and work through before I can move on with my life completely aga
  4. Welcome to AS I can relate to what you've share also and I'm so sure you'll find alot of answers, support, love, care and validation right here with us. Take gentle care of you and know, we are all here for you and you are not alone. Sending you gentle and welcoming hugs, if ok CS xx
  5. ***Triggers*** Some of the hurtful words I had to hear wasn't all bout validation, but they were still engraved into my mind to be set there for live.... "How dare you draw pictures like these of my husband! You are a bad girl!"... when I tried to express in the only way I knew of at 8, to tell someone how he hurt me and what he was doing to me. "You will apologize to my son for falsly accusing him of sexually abusing you!"... when I tried to tell the b*stard's mum what happened. And at the same time, he shouted at me "If I wanted to rape you, I would have done it properly!" "Nah, she's ju
  6. ((((((((((((((MendingSoul))))))))))))))) A warm welcome to you here at AS. I'm still quite a new member myself, but I have to tell you I already feel so much like belonging here and I experience so much love, care and support already. Hope you'll find it also soon here. Looking forward to getting to know you also. Take gentle care and healing thoughts and prayers to you. CS
  7. Oh thank you everyone! I'm overwhelmed by the warm and caring welcomes. My eyes are filled with tears of gratefulness as I read all your kind words. Nicole, this soul will be worked on for sure. There's no other way out. I needs to get mended and healed again. Healing and best thoughts to everyone also. CrushedSoul
  8. Ok, *Deep breath* I'm not too good at intro's, but I'm glad I've taken this huge step into joining After Silence. I've seen so much kindness and care here in the few posts I've viewed and this is for sure a place I want to be and I feel I need to be. I'm a survivor as well and I'm looking forward into being on the boards and meeting all. *Ok, that wasn't so bad..... phew* Healing thoughts to everyone here. CrushedSoul
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