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  1. i know, and so have i....but idk, i just felt lying herewas really wrong. i have nothing to hide. none of you know me and this is place where were SUPPOSED to open up and be truthful and stuff, right? im so confused about everything. =/
  2. thanks...i found that out after my first post... i felt really really guilty about lying so i had to tell the truth
  3. i am not eightteen, i am sixteen.... im sorry for being distruthful right off the bat...its just that most of these damn websites and forums told me i had to be eightteen to post!? i found it rediculous. im sorry for lying. i really am.
  4. Hi, im eightteen, and i am an incest victim. im scared for my life, i need someone, anyone. please. is there anyone out there?
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