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  1. Hello, I posted a message a while back - not even sure how long ago ... I got some very, very kind responses. And for some reason that scared the "bleep" out of me. I don't know why... So, I am trying again. Hence the topic "Sort of New". My rape was 25 years ago. Yet today, I feel like it was only last week. My life has been under a lot of stress in the past 6 years, but ESPECIALLY the last 6 months. After being ill for a long time, I was finally diagnosed with Lupus complicated by Fibromyalgia and Sjorgens (sp?)Syndrom. YAY! Let's add that to the PTSD from the rape and I am in heaven, right? On a side note - the rheumatoligist told me that there has been recent medical data to show a corralation between persons who have survived a sexual assault/rape & Fibro and Lupus!! The trauma is such a shock to the nervous system that it upsets your immune system. So, my rapist left me with more than memories?? Lately the nightmares are every night and the flashbacks at least once or twice a day. I recently went to the ER for a severe anxiety attack!! What is wrong with me??? Why should something that happened 25 years ago, haunt me now??? Can any of you undertsand or have you had similar experiances??? I hope this message does not upset anyone. I don't want to to be a bother... Dannyel
  2. If it helps, I am here and nervous too How about we just take it one baby step at a time? Dannyel
  3. Hello, I stopped in late last night to say hello and to kinda get an idea of this site. But then I chickened out after saying hello. So, I'm back and still not sleeping well. Thought I might try to hang in for a liitle while.... I just not sure how this works? I was turned away from another site after they heard my story. They said that since it was over 20 yrs ago that "I should be over it and I was not setting a good example on what it means to move on". So, I am a bit hesitent, and not sure how this all works? What should I say or do? How this works? Dannyel
  4. My name is Dannyel and I am new to this sort of thing. Not sure how it works, but wanted to introduce myself.
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