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  1. Hi Danielle, welcome! I'm from england too! I guess you've now begun to find where to start as you've made a few posts, but I just wanted to say it doesn't matter where or how you start your healing process. It's an individual thing and it takes time, but there's no set way to do it. Good luck! x
  2. Hi Ivana, Welcome to AS! I think it's great that you're able to talk with your mom about things. I couldn't for a long time until recently (I'm 19 now). So anyway, I hope you find the support you're looking for here, AS is an awesome place! Diana x
  3. Hi Sally, Welcome to AS! I'm 19 and from the UK - it's great to see another Brit on here! I joined when I was 17 too, and this place has helped me so so so much! I hope you find AS as friendly and supportive as I have. If you fancy a chat or want to ask anything, feel free to pm me. Take care, Diana x
  4. Welcome to AS Moon Wolf! I've had a shot at answering your questions, and I haven't read any other replies so I'm sorry if I repeat things! Stranger rape and acquaintance rape are both just labels so not every form of rape will fit into boxes like that. I understand that it can feel important to be able to label what happened, but I don't think a label is helpful in this case. Somebody who was raped by someone they'd known for a few hours would probably face similar issues to both stranger rape survivors and acquaintance rape survivors. Why is this distinction important to you? I haven
  5. Hi Lorna, Welcome to AS! I hope we can provide the support you're looking for. I look forward to getting to know you, Diana x
  6. Diana

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome to AS hun I look forward to getting to know you too! Diana x
  7. Hi Mighty, Welcome to AS hun You've come to the right place here - I'm sorry to hear what you've endured, but here I hope you'll find support to heal. Diana x
  8. Hi WarChild, Welcome to AS hun I'm 18, and there are several members younger than me. Oh and I love music too! Well done for posting, I know it can be so scary at first, but it does get easier with time. I hope you find this place helpful in your healing journey, Diana x
  9. Welcome to AS hunnie Diana x
  10. Diana


    Welcome Mona! I'm sure you'll find many of us here struggle with similar things to you. I hope yo find we can help you in your healing journey. Diana x
  11. I'm also glad to see you back! I think we were all very sorry to see you leave. Diana x
  12. Hi Kitty, I'm 18 and from England too. This place is amazing, I love it! I hope you will too as you get to know everyone. If ya wanna chat any time, just PM me! Diana x
  13. Hi hun, Welcome to AS! I understand how hard it is to talk about... Ive never spoken about the details of what happened. Just take your time, have a look round and post when you're comfy! Diana x
  14. Hi, Nice to meet you, I'm also 18 Welcome to AS! Diana x
  15. Welcome to AS! Feel free to post whatever you like, just take your time. I hope you find the people here to be as supportive as I have. Diana x
  16. Hey ((((((violin))))))) Welcome to AS! Feel free to post whatever you like, take your time looking around. I hope you find as much comfort in this place as I have... the girlies here are awesome! Diana x
  17. Hiya Lee, welcome! I'm 18, and as the others say, you'll find quite a few younger people... although personally I don't find age a problem, and chat a lot with people 10 years older... I look forward to getting to know you too! Diana x
  18. Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you too! Diana x
  19. Well done for finding the courage to post! Welcome to AS!! Diana x
  20. Diana


    Hi Christie, welcome! In my opinion, if you're here, it's for a reason. YOU are the one that matters, so do whatever you need. If whatever happened is affecting you in any way, then it is a big deal, and you have every right to be here. Take your time, look around, and if you do decide to post your story, then we will support you in that, because I know that takes a lot of courage. (I haven't posted mine yet!) Take good care, Diana x
  21. ((((((((willow)))))))) Welcome to AS! Oh honey im sorry you're having to deal with so much. My biological father also abused me, so you're not alone with that. However I was removed from them when I was small, and I have a new family now, so I guess thats a bit different. With telling your family... take your time, and if it's really worrying you, then just leave it for a while. Only do what you can manage ok? I think Ruthie has a really good point about the counselling. The service is generally pretty good, and free (I'm off to uni next year, so I've been looking at it!), and they will un
  22. Hey, welcome Judy! I 'm 18, and there are a few younger members here, so thats cool. I hope you like it here and make some good friends! I've been here a few months now and I have to say I love this place!! Hope you find it as helpful as me! Diana x ps. I'd love to see your site.. I'm amazed at how so many people know so much about computors!! I am clueless about them!
  23. Heya, Thanks for clearing that up! I understand about the speed thing (I'm using a slooowww computor now!!) so that's fine, I just wondered if there was something up with my settings, but it's ok. And thanks for telling me about the automatic bad-word-filter thing! lol I almost had a heart attack the other day coz I thought I must've written my post differently to how I remembered doing it, or alternatively one of you guys had come along and changed it coz you were so appalled at my language! And Vera, I'm certain no1 thinks you're a mean b*tch we all know what a tough job you have! Than
  24. Hiya, First (so you all realise how stupid I am, lol!) the signature is the bit at the bottom of peoples' posts, where they have quotes and song lyrics and stuff, right? Well, I have this quote but it won't allow me to put it on because it is 132 characters long. (It has to be 100) Other people seem to have huge long signatures, so how come this one little quote won't work for me? Any help/info would be appreciated! Diana x ps. another little question, is any part of the board or chat screened for 'bad' words (eg. f*ck, wh**e)? just wonderin!
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