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  1. Happy Birthday! I haven't seen you around in games in a while but just wanted to say I hope you enjoy your day.

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    2. aloneallthetime


      No worries bc I haven't been on much either. I come on to check msgs and to respond...other than that, not so much. I only play games every now and then. That's good that you come back to check in with friends.

    3. ~*chelsea*~


      i used to post all the time, chat all the time, etc now its just like one post and i'm done. the people i used to be so close with once have seemed to just disappear and i miss them to be honest.

    4. aloneallthetime


      That's the thing with this site...you build friendships with ppl and bc so many of us are struggling with day to day life, you never know if and when they will come back. I had a couple of ppl that I started off talking to daily but bc they had so much going on, it started to slowly get longer in between chats. Two of them I haven't heard from since April and May. It's sad bc all you can do is hope for the best.

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