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  1. Hi orchid, I am new to this site too... the welcome is wonderful. And definatly a safe place... am looking forward to making it to live chat soon.. I just hit my 25 posts....so when someone shows up.. lol i guess I'll get my chance.... again welcome.. PinkOrchid
  2. HI, welcome to the site, I am new here too, my first day, I will tell you that my experience was ALONG time ago, Over 30 years later and I thought that I had a terrific handle on things. Then the dreaded trigger came. It was a new trigger so I was cought unaware. I will tell you what my very first counsler told me, I hope it helps. "think of what the stewardess tells you on the airplane, you have to put the air mask on yourself before you can save anyone else." in other words, you have to heal you. You have to save yourself in order to be any good to anyone else. YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD TO
  3. Hi Zach, I am new to this forum, but am a survivor. Just know that YOU DID NOT CAUSE THIS. and the very definition of a man is not found in the dictionary. Only you can define who or what you think a man should be. In my eyes, a man is someone that relizes his limits and can ask for help. A man is someone who relizes that you don't always have to be the strong one. and he also knows that somethings are way beyond his control, and maybe, just maybe, there is nothing that he could have done to adjust the outcome of certain situations. I think that by you wanting to face your obsticles th
  4. Hi, Well, I keep trying to make a post and say hello, and hope this one works. I guess I wasnt ment to make the previous posts, So I'll just say HI and will post again later. How am I suppose to make 25 posts when I cant even get one to work? Living one day at a time, Pink Orchid
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