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  1. I've been away from this chat for over a year now- just re-entering an aspect of my story/abuse which is really dragging me down.  Extra support needed right now.

    1. Field8


      Welcome back. I hope that you find that you are really supported here.

  2. so so discouraged with my health... 

    1. limbodante


      What's up with it?

    2. akgirl07


      I've been dealign with a concussion, it was supposed to be a normal 1 week-3 month recovery.  I hit my head again after 6 weeks and have been struggling all over again.  Doctor said 6 months (so I assume 5 months at this point) until full healing... means I get to do nothing, but rest and it's so difficult

    3. MeBeMary
  3. I want to make a difference, hoping my story will reach others with their story.  I want to listen.  I want to rescue.  I want to reach out my hand.  I will hold out hope.

  4. Sorry for my silence or lack of communication.  I got a concussion and I'm supposed to take a break for awhile from the computer.  Hopefully I'll be back again soon. 

  5. really struggling tonight... 

    1. MeBeMary


      Sorry you are struggling. :hug: if ok.

    2. akgirl07


      Thank you, much needed

  6. Sorry I've been gone for a little while.  I'm going to try to reconnect and be more consistent here.  Learning a new way a of living is hard, especially when it feels so boring at times!!

  7. Alone and hurting so badly today

    1. MeBeMary


      :hug: if ok. Sorry you are in a bad place today.

    2. Whisper


      I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Sitting with you. :bighug:

  8. Counting the cost of healing

  9. Feeling pretty down and alone tonight.  I want more time to come and share here, but it's so rare to have time to respond.  My husband's friend sent me a message from my dad, he gave it to them before he died.  Simply said "your mom and I still love you".... still love me after all I'VE done to THEM.  I can't seem to shake off this message...

  10. Longing to sit with someone to share my story and to make a difference.   To the point where I feel anxious to do so... 

  11. I'm so tired, but when I shut my eyes my dreams haunt my mind.

    1. wishinuponastar



      i am sorry. Wish I could help make it easier to rest. Supporting you. 

  12. Feeling so alone ....

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    2. akgirl07


      Thank you iheartcupcakes and wishinuponastart- your kind words mean a lot to me.  Exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

    3. wishinuponastar


      Glad to hear it! You are supported!

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      I am also glad to hear it :bighug: (if okay)

  13. Hurting bad tonight.  Memories of being in Mexico and the grief inside of me.  I wanted to scream but couldn't.  I was trapped not by my pimps, or the johns who bought me, but by the cage they put me in.

  14. Feeling broken after sharing in counseling about being sold for sex in Mexico by my grandma and mom.

  15. I'm accepting new truths which are dragging me down

  16. I am feeling really warn out today...

  17. grieving and feeling angry at myself

  18. hurting and not knowing how to make sense of the evil in this world

  19. Amanda! Welcome and I hope you find a lot of support here. Ak
  20. Hey Welcome!! This site is a great place to get the support you need. Alaska... well is short on providing things like this- I hope your move up here is good!! Take care Akgirl07
  21. Hey there.. Welcome!
  22. ah... i'm new here ... there is so much to learn!
  23. akgirl07


    Hey there, Welcome- I'm new too and have a lot of questions about everything! Hope things are well for you here ...
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