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  1. wendy777


    Hi Rebecca, welcome hope u get the support here that you are looking for. Keep moving forward a step at a time. We have all been through some rough times and are all just trying to keep on going. Hope to hear from you around the forums. Wendy
  2. Hi justjenWelcome, I was abused by my three brothers and their friends. I hope we can be a support to each other. I still need to figure out how to pm.
  3. wendy777


    Hi I am still new myself and I know what you mean about figuring out the "posting" bit. Getting better at it though. Welcome!
  4. Welcome, hope you get the support you are needing
  5. Hi and welcome. I hear what you say. I am 49 and recently experienced work related abuse and it has triggered all the past memories. I too keep thinking I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS! WHEN IS IT GOING TO END! I am new here too looking for support, hope we can encourage each other to keep on going forward.
  6. HI am a newbie myself and been welcomed with open arms, great place to be! Welcome, welcome. welcome!
  7. Thank you all for being so kind. Where were you in the 70's and 80's. Sure could have used you then too. I am now 49 years old and the abuse happened when I was young. A situation at work has triggered all of that and I am finding it more difficult to deal with this time than when I was younger. So thanks for being here. I will need a shoulder to cry on and a word of comfort here and there.
  8. Hi and welcome. I am a newbie myself. Hope to hear from you in the forums, I still have to orient myself with everything here.
  9. Hi there, this is great to have a safe place to talk with others who are survivors. Thanks for the opportunity to be heard and understood.
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