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  1. jewel


    Hi, my name is jewel, pleased to be here, I hope to make some friends that understand me. My experience of abuse was at the age of 3 and 4. I am not sure if there is anymore. It has been very difficult because the little girl is still telling her story through me now. It has been since October, I have many difficult body memories and verbal memories. I wonder how I have survived this far. I am upset because I feel this abuse has unknowingly caused me pain over my whole life. I have much to be thankful for but I cannot believe someone took so much from me, and at such a vulnerable a
  2. HI Sarah, I would like to commend you that you are trying, and you would be surprised that you have come a long way despite how you feel now. You are precious and you are valuable as a person, we all are. I am sorry for your difficulties in life, but there is always hope. If we look around we can see the beauty of hope, how everyday the plants grow for US, the sky shines for US, the water glistens for US, ALL FOR US,so we must be significant and important therefore concluding we always have hope, for something better. The fact you made your way to this
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