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  1. Hi, We are all here for you, when you are ready. Coming here is a big step. Welcome E.D.
  2. Moderators please move this if I have it in the wrong place. Just a couple of questions and a suggestion. 1. What does DID mean? 2. Can I have a password to enter the Women only page. Suggestion - Would you please consider having the outgoing mail changed, so that on my computer the sender box only says "After Silence." instead of "After Silence - A message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors." I do want to receive emails but I get a little freaked out seeing the words "rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse," jumping off the page at me. Thank you for considering this. E.D.
  3. Many Thanks to Ardatha, At the age of 43 and never having used this sort of site before, I was beginning to think I was out of my depth. Perhaps this could be repeated every so often for the newbies like myself. Correction the Old F**t Newbies. Or is that OFN's E.D.
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