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  1. Welcome! I am a new member myself. I have found that rambling on about my situation and seeing my thoughts in black and white on a computer screen has been one of the most theraputic things Ive ever done. When you stated that you recently moved away from the house where it all happened but you still felt scared an old familiar feeling came over me. I too felt that if I could just get away from all that was familiar that I would get rid of my past as well. Sadly that is not so, I realized that I had a serious problem when I left my home town for a few weeks of rest and relaxation in the mountai
  2. Hello all! This is only my third post but already I am feeling very at home with AS. I am a 21 year old survivor of incest, my father who was a sheriffs deputy raped me every weekend from the time I was 7 to the age of 17. He was on numerous episodes of America's Most Wanted which finally led to his arrest in August of this year. It has been a long hard journey and looking back on my healing process the only thing I can see that would have made it go along a little faster is having contact with other people that had gone through similar situations. So that is what Im hear for, Im here to serve
  3. Its gonna be allright Jexxy, this is only my second post as well but it feels me with such hope to know that at least I have some access to others out there that have been through the same thing I have. Knowing that alone has helped tremenously. No one can hurt you here, its a safe place with only people who was to help.
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