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  1. HI , Just thpought i'd welcome you. And of course it's ok to just read for a while. No one is here to push you. We are all here to help you if you need and, and support you. Take your time to get used to this place. It's an amazing one no doubt. Glad you found you way here, it'll become like a second, very safe, home if you let it. if ok? PM me anytime you want. And just know you're safe here.
  2. :hi: Hey, glad you found us to. No rush on posting we're all here when you decide to though. Hope you're taking care of your self, PM me anytime you want. I'm normally everyday unless something comes up. Take Care, Brooke
  3. Hey, Welcome to AS. Glad you found the site. It's amazing here. I can't normally sleep either and like one other person said i normally end up here also. It is comforting knowing other people get it. I am sorry for what ever has brought you here but i'm extremly glad you have found us. Hope to see you posting some soon. Don't be scared, we all know how you feel.
  4. Well all through i can't speak for everyone....mostly the mod's, i do think it's fine. You have memories, just not the pictures. Kind of like you ran out of film but your mind kept audio. I know the feeling, most of my younger childhood is like that, but after talking about it i began to get some pictures back but not a whole lot because well, our bodies do that to keep us safe as little kids. They block things out. I hope you get a more deffinet answer from someone, but if you just need to talk PM and we can chat.
  5. I haven't been here long my self but for the little while i have been it's been amazing. Everyone understands, and no body judges you. I just, for the first time since my attack happened(4yrs. ago) told my entire story. I'm sure you'll find the support you need here. I am. Good luck with over coming this all PM any time you want to.
  6. Hey I'm sorry you have to be here also but i'm new too. I'm really 4yrs. past mine but i only just started talking about it recently so i can understand how your feeling. PM anytime if you want, since we're both new at this. Good luck with your healing
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