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  1. Thanks so much for replying. I’m a little nervous about this whole process, but they say it will get easier with time… I am glad that there are people I can talk to and feel safe from judgment. It just makes me so sad to know just how many there are. ~TWF
  2. Hi. I'm new on the site, and I keep seeing all these stories and posts that say "I am a survivor..." and I just can’t help feeling angry. How can I say I’ve survived, when it seems the only part of ME, of who I am, that is left is this broken shell? My body may have “survived”, but what of my soul? I used to want to thrive. Why now, must I be forced to merely survive? I would ask “why me”, but then, I would never wish this on another. If I came to a site like this and realized I was the only member, that I was the only one who had ever suffered these things, it would make it easier to know that the pain could end with me. I could bottle it up and hold on tight, and play the martyr for the good of women and children everywhere. But I’m not the only one, and if anything, it makes it worse. Sorry to have such an angry introduction, but I figure if anyone can understand what I’m saying, it would be someone on this site. ~Tattered Wings Flying
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