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  1. Thanks so much for replying. I’m a little nervous about this whole process, but they say it will get easier with time… I am glad that there are people I can talk to and feel safe from judgment. It just makes me so sad to know just how many there are. ~TWF
  2. Hi. I'm new on the site, and I keep seeing all these stories and posts that say "I am a survivor..." and I just can’t help feeling angry. How can I say I’ve survived, when it seems the only part of ME, of who I am, that is left is this broken shell? My body may have “survived”, but what of my soul? I used to want to thrive. Why now, must I be forced to merely survive? I would ask “why me”, but then, I would never wish this on another. If I came to a site like this and realized I was the only member, that I was the only one who had ever suffered these things, it would make it easier t
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