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  1. Wow, you people are very good and decent... and smart, too. Kate, that is so true about being our own worst critics. Silencing that inner critic is perhaps the hardest thing for survivors of sexual abuse/assault (or any other trauma for that matter) to do. Also, unearthing less buried memories can often lead to exposing even more deeply buried ones. I think that has happened to me, and I'm fairly sure there are no more lurking in the shadows... but then again, if my memory is so faulty as to play such tricks in the first place, who really knows? Also, given the mind game element of repressed m
  2. Thanks again, everyone. Blueskye, I think you hit on an important point. Maybe for those of us who didn't tell anyone, or repressed the memory or whatever, we were kind of forced by our own rationalizations to minimize the outrage of what happened to us, sometimes for years, so it's especially difficult for us to accept that a great wrong was done to us as a result. I mean, we can think it, but it's kind of hard to feel it sometimes... in spite of the evidence! I just want to add that this place is the most supportive and welcoming of its kind I've yet found on the Interwebs. Seriously.
  3. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I'm going to dig around a bit on this forum to get an idea of where I fit in. Some stories I've read are devastating, and although I'm haunted by an incident in my childhood (maybe two) I didn't have the sustained torment that some people on here have had, often throughout their entire childhoods. I know it shouldn't, but it makes me feel like a phony, or even a whiner in comparison. I know, I know...
  4. I'm not sure this is a place for me, but I'll say hi for now. I mean, with this stuff, where do you start? To be honest, I just don't want to take up too much of anyone's time, especially as my own history wrt sexual assault is ambiguous by most people's standards. That's all for now.
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