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  1. Hi!

    Hey Jersey, Welcome to After Silence, hun.
  2. New Here...hello!

    melinda, welcome to after silence, hun. Post when you feel ready.
  3. Hello

    Lynn, Welcome to after silence hun. Post whenever you feel ready. ~Trinity
  4. Another Newbie

    Welcome To after Silence, I am sorry for what you have been through.
  5. Yet Another Newbie

    Hope , Welcome to after silence, i am sorry that you have to be here. But glad that you are. Feel free to post whenever. We are here to support and help you along your journey. If you ever want to talk you can email or pm me. ~Trinity~
  6. Hi..

    Welcome to After Silence. Post whenever you feel ready. ~Trinity~
  7. Hey Im New

    Welcome to after silenece. I am sorry i dont have any advice at the moment, but welcome and i hope someone on here can help you. ~trinity!~
  8. Into The Light

    Welcome to after silence hun.
  9. New

    Cin, Welcome to after silence, I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that. We are all here to support you.
  10. Hi

    Welcome to after silence I am so sorry to hear what you and your girlfriend are going through. Everyone here is very supportive and loving. Feel free to post your story when your ready. Email or pm me if you want to talk anytime. -trinity-
  11. Just Starting To Heal

    Welcome to After Silence I am so sorry for what happend to you. I am glad you found this site, even you were not really looking for it. Everyone here is so supportive and caring. I hope you feel as safe here as I do. -Trinity-
  12. Hey, Hi And Hello From A Newbie

    Welcome to After Silence I am glad your here and sad that you here too. Everyone here is so supportive and wonderful. Feel free to post whenever you feel ready. Trinity
  13. Hello Everyone

    Welcome To After Silence.. Post when you feel ready, we are all here to support you. Trinity
  14. Hi I'm New

    Welcome to After Silence . Trinity
  15. I'm New Here

    Welcome to After Silence Hun Trinity