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  1. Welcome back to After Silence, Jamie!
  2. Lindy


    Welcome to After Silence, Ellie
  3. Hi and welcome to After Silence. Glad you joined us. I hope you find the support you're seeking here.
  4. Lindy

    I'm New

    Hello and welcome to After Silence. Glad you joined us
  5. Hi Pilgrim Welcome to After Silence. Glad you joined us!
  6. Nope, you're not going mad Font has been changed to a bit larger font.
  7. Lindy


    Hi Silent1, Glad you've decided to join us.
  8. The new version of IE doesn't have that already checked. I don't understand why, but I had to do that after upgrading to the new version of IE as well. Glad it worked
  9. Ok, then try this. On your internet explorer window, click on tools, then internet options. Click on the advanced tab and under multimedia, make sure that "play animations in webpages" is checked. Then hit apply and ok. You should be able to see animations now.
  10. IE is Internet Explorer, a web browser.
  11. Karen, are you using IE?
  12. Hi Joanne, Welcome to After Silence. I hope you find support and encouragement here as I have. Take gentle care, Lindy
  13. Lindy

    Hi All!

    Hi ajay, Welcome to After Silence.
  14. Hi Chris, Welcome to After Silence. I hope you find support and encouragement here. Take gentle care, Lindy
  15. Hi Anna, Welcome to After Silence
  16. Hi Lindsey, Welcome back
  17. Hi Kristal, Welcome to After Silence.
  18. Hi Silent Ones, Welcome to After Silence
  19. Hi Lily, Welcome to After Silence
  20. Hi Sunny, Welcome to After Silence
  21. Hello Ayesha, Welcome to After Silence.
  22. ((((((Racheal)))))) Thank you so much for this lovely post. What a way to brighten up my day! And a thank you to everyone here, because it is YOU who makes this place as wonderful as it is.
  23. No, they are not, Haullie. Thank you for pointing that out.
  24. Look what I uploaded!!! Thanks, Haullie <---for Kitty Kat Sassafras Enjoy it guys!
  25. Welcome to After Silence, Claire.
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