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  1. Hi Toni and intheprocess, Feel free to PM me with your requests and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Lindy
  2. Hi Siren, First of all, welcome to After Silence. First names, nicknames and initials are allowed, the only restriction is posting last names. One of the main reasons is for your safety, the second restriction is naming the full name (First and Last Name) of a perpetrator who has yet to be convicted of the crime committed against the member. Hope this helps, Lindy
  3. Lindy


    Hi Katch, Welcome to After Silence. Feel free to take your time to roam around the forums and make yourself comfortable. I hope you find the support you deserve here. Take care, Lindy
  4. Submitted by Nicole. Safety and confidentiality are very important issues on a site such as this one where we are discussing extremely sensitive subjects. For this reason, no one is permitted to use your After Silence account besides you, per our Board Rules & Posting Guidelines, (which you may review at any time here). As always, we welcome secondary survivors and supporters, as long as their presence here is not hurting survivors, including the survivor they may have come here to support. Logging out: When accessing After Silence from a shared or public computer, always remember to l
  5. Web Browsers store a history of all the pages you visit during your time on the Internet. If your abuser has access to your computer, it is imperative that you remove this information. Please remember to do this procedure before you log off the Internet. CAUTION: If you are using your abuser's computer, you may be leaving a trail that can be traced to this web site. Be sure to clear the view history of the web browser when you are through. Instructions for Clearing the View History in your Web Browser: Using the toolbar of your web browser, find the menu selection that gives you view option
  6. Since our tutorial link magically disappeared from the header, I have decided to move these tutorials to its own subforum. This tutorial is on basic board posting, put together by our lovely moderator, Nicole. Here is some help for anyone having trouble with the functions of the board. First, you will find a tutorial for basic posting and messaging, then an explanation of some of the boards other functions. Hope this helps! Basic Posting: New Topic Button: To make a new topic in any of the main forums or sub-forums click the button shown in the shot below and you will be taken to the pa
  7. This thread has been started for you at your request. Hope it helps. Lindy
  8. Yes, the secondaries status would remain the same.
  9. Hi Wolfie, Sometimes our validating e-mails end up in spam folders or the spam filter may not send them at all. Please PM me her username. Thanks! Lindy
  10. You bring up a good point here, Wolfie. Yes, those posts do belong in the Sexuality forum. I will move them.
  11. Hi Riverbird, I do understand wanting to have an outlet where you can express your concerns anonymously. We are always open to suggestions and ideas, and we take all concerns seriously. I can assure you that no one has gotten banned simply for expressing their opinions. My inbox is always open should you need to contact me, as are those of my fellow board moderators.
  12. Hi Welcome to After Silence. I hope you find the support you deserve here. Take gentle care, Lindy
  13. The friends list option is only available with the Modern Style Profile option for the board. We can not use it at the present time due to some modifications it needs but I will let you all know when it becomes available.
  14. Lindy

    Kia Ora

    Kia Ora, Monique! Welcome to After Silence. I hope you find the support you deserve here. Take gentle care, Lindy
  15. Hi, In order to enter chat, you need a minimum of 10 posts on the board. This is to prevent people from just registering in order to spam the chat room. It is a safety measure we take in order to keep the chatroom safe. Feel free to roam around the forums here. You'll accumulate 10 posts in no time. Take care, Lindy
  16. Hi Stan, Welcome to After Silence. I'm deeply sorry for the abuse you endured at the hands of your father. I'm glad you've found us and I hope you find the support you deserve here. Take gentle care, Lindy
  17. The easiest method I know of is from your profile page. On the right, there is a drop-down menu that reads "Profile Options". Click on it and select "Find member's posts." Thst should show you all of the threads in which you have posted. Hope this helps, Lindy
  18. When a post is reported, it is sent to all board moderators via private messaging.
  19. It's on BB Code and you're on the right track... This is how your code should look like: then close the tags - You always want the tags closed at the end in order for it to work. Hope this helps, Lindy
  20. I would like to kindly remind everyone that re-registering another username is in violation of our forum guidelines and may lead to permanent banning from the board. Please do not ask for your account to be deleted just to make another new account. If you need your username changed, please send me a private message instead of re-registering a new username. Thanks!
  21. To stop the emails, go to "My controls". On the left, you'll see "Subscriptions". Click on either link topics or forums and check the boxes, then click unsubscribe. That should take care of the issue. Take care, Lindy
  22. We were having that issue yesterday but it has been fixed. Sometimes the server gets overloaded, especially on a server hosting a forum of this magnitude and the IPS server error occurs but it's just for a brief period of time. It is not a consistent issue like the one we had yesterday.
  23. Many thanks to Jason and Josh from Invision who quickly resolved this issue. We are back on board! P.S. The "View New Posts" feature is working!!!!
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