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  1. Hi! Welcome to After Silence.
  2. Hi Kezzie, Welcome to After Silence
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    Hi! Welcome to After Silence
  4. Hi Candace, Welcome to After Silence. Glad to have you here
  5. Hi Dani Welcome to After Silence. Hope you find the support and encouragement you're seeking here. Lean on us when you need to; you're definitely not alone.
  6. Hi Daisy Welcome to After Silence
  7. Hi Angel and welcome to After Silence.
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    Hi Katja, Welcome to After Silence.
  9. Hi honey, Welcome to After Silence
  10. Hi Dayna and welcome to After Silence
  11. Sometimes they just don't have to say anything... Yesterday, I was talking to my colleague, who used to work for the Special Victim's Unit and he explained that he lasted only 2 months because he couldn't deal with it anymore, especially when working with children. Anyhow, the subject of court came up and I agreed with him (since I took my case to trial) and my other co-worker turns around and says "How do you know?" I said "Because I was there too. I was raped." She turned around and walked away. That hurts. I couldn't sleep last night thinking...gosh, why am I so stupid to tell? I always
  12. ((((Heather)))) Thanks to you! It's members like you that make this community as wonderful as it is. Many thanks, Lindy
  13. 1)The infamous, what's your favorite color? - Pink 2) What's your favorite animal? Pig! 3) If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet? Maya Angelou 4) If you could turn into any animal for a day, what animal would you turn into and what would you do?Dolphin, not sure what I would do...tricks maybe? 5) If you could have any job what would it be?Veterinarian, Obstetrician 6) If you could be any age for the rest of your llife, what age would you want to be? 23 7) What's your favorite smiley? 8) Are you an early bird or a night owl? early Bird 9) What's yo
  14. No you don't August, you'll see it under my controls and amend your profile. If that doesn't work, post your title and I'll change it.
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    Welcome to After Silence, sweetie. I hope you find support and encouragement here. Take gentle care, Lindy
  16. Welcome to After Silence, Gem!
  17. ((((Amy)))) Welcome to After Silence. Here you will find some of the most amazing people, always willing to lend a shoulder for you to lean on. We're here for you, you're not alone. Take gentle care, Lindy
  18. Welcome to AS, Silverbird!
  19. Hi Nea, welcome to After Silence.
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    Lynn, Welcome to AS, sweetie.
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    Hi April and welcome to After Silence.
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