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  1. Copied from my email to Marie Cartier, author of the book, "I am your daughter, not your lover" She has given me permission to quote her book title on a badge... ********************* I still have to figure out how I'm going to do it, as I can't afford a button machine right now, and I doubt I'd have anything figured out by your next show. Maybe the first one will just be hand embroidered or something. (if it's something printable, i'll attribute you to it - but I think embroidering your name might be too much embroidery!) I'm still so out of touch with myself and what I do...but yeah,
  2. I guess sometimes what gives something it's greatest character is its flaws. Yes. Appreciating the imperfections in life and what makes everything unique is a beautiful vantage point. Thanks for all your insight and I hope we can continue this conversation and that you will find the outlet and support for your mission of making these things a public issue. I will get to that point myself I know and have already taken some baby steps of my own. If you do find a way to accomplish these things, please let me know. I would like to participate. It's my pleasure! Please see my new post r
  3. lately i have decided that perfect people are less interesting people. i much prefer to call myself a misfit and i much prefer the company of other misfits. i have come to believe that quirky, neurotic, damaged people are really the beautiful ones. the ones more in touch with their feelings, who have retained a sensitivity and humanity that i gravitate to. i call myself damaged, but i don't think of it as derogatory. it's just semantics. all goods will be less than perfect through use. because we've been kicked around so much in so many ways, we are the true empaths. i like to think
  4. Well, I am spared the backlash you would get, so it's understandable. But I think, like Survivor's Sanctuary said, if there were many of us united, it wouldn't be so hard.
  5. Well, this organization seems to have the mission I'm talking about and some famous people supporting it. But I would criticize how they spent their air-time. It's too cute. It should be more provocative. It should inform without assuming people are going to take the time to investigate further, because they typically aren't going to bother. http://www.darknesstolight.org/AboutUs/current_media.asp maybe I'll volunteer there in some capacity. Thanks, everyone...
  6. agreed. but what i'm saying is it's perfectly normal to have baggage and we should live in a climate where traumas are viewed with sympathy instead of disgust. otherwise, our baggage must be put in a closet and it's harder to lighten your load when you've forced to feel ashamed about it and work on it in isolation.
  7. thanks for sharing your story (nightmare) and yet staying on topic. i believe advocacy, while a lifeline and extremely valuable, is still addressing the AFTERmath of the problem, instead of the source. by the time it gets to the advocacy stage, a child's life has already been ruined. and when you are a child, the person who should be your advocate is also your tormentor and your fears of reporting generally come true when you do report. as adults we know this is an improvement, but a child doesn't know these things. i'm all for education, but what is really needed is a consciousness-r
  8. for those who didn't bother to go to my blog, here is what i wrote there: i am an adult survivor of childhood incest, who has grown up and learned to work around the issues (or so i thought) to my own satisfaction, but apparently not to the satisfaction of others. and so i’ve decided to go public and share with you what those implications are so your awareness can make you a better friend to others than my friends have been to me. there is in this society a gross lack of empathy that produces insensitive statements like, “get over it,” or “speak to the hand,” or “those with baggage need not
  9. Is there somewhere on-line where I can share my thoughts to NON incest survivors? I've lost several friends because they could not empathize with my handling of my history, and I feel the general public needs their awareness raised re:the general long term after-effects of this scourge upon society. I just wrote something up on my blog: http://sukioki.wordpress.com/2007/12/03/get-over-it/ I'll probably edit out the first couple of paragraphs, but I feel the rest illustrates well how this crime lasts far longer than the events. but I think WE all know about how it messes with every aspec
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