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    What you did to me was terminal

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    Jacquelyn here, I'm sixteen years old and a senior in high school.I play Violin, Cello, Flute, sort of piano, and March Alto Sax in the marching band. I read WAY too much. Seriously, it's not even healthy. lol. um.. I have too many siblings and major parent issues. My favorite quote of all time is "You believe what you want to believe, and I'll believe what I know." it's from Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil. So yeah.. that's about it. If you'd like to know more do PM me and I will more then likely tell you

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  1. Jacquelynbart


    I'm so glad to have you back.
  2. Hi, Welcome to AS! I don 't know that I'll be of much help but if you'd ever like to talk you can always PM me! <--if okay.
  3. I care because I know personally how dificult it is to be a survivor. I'm nice because I treat you (and others) how I would like to be treated Hope that helps hun. PM me anytime take care -Jacquelyn
  4. Welcome Welcome Welcome! (said in German accent where the w's turn into V's lol) I hope this can be your new home also. It's definitly my home. Now I'm off to find the 90's song New Kid On the Block haha PM me any time -Jacquelyn
  5. Hey! I'm glad your here. It is normal even if it doesn't feel that way. I've got to run but I hope to see you around! We're all friends here!! PM me if you want to talk
  6. Whats it mean to PM someone?
  7. I'm pretty new also. this site helps a lot!! Glad you joined! look forward to meeting you further!
  8. You sound like a very strong person! I'm new here too. Maybe we can help eachother out
  9. Hi, I'm new. I am a survivor. I was raped three years ago and finaly told some one last tuesday. I have been suffering from clinical depression. I finally told them and my parents. All in the same day. Wow, what a relief So, now I'm reaching out for all the help I can get. I finally think I'm on the road to recovery.. I just need a little (well a lot) of guidance. I'm willing to help anyone and everyone in return also! THank you. *best wishes* Jacquelyn
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