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  1. Hey Jacquelyn Welcome to the site. You sound like a very grown up 15 year old, i was first raped as a 12 year old which carried on for many years and looking back i would never have had the guts to tell someone. You have been very brave. You will find alot of support here and people who understand, you have come to the right place. Take care Rain
  2. Rain_81

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    Thank you all for welcoming me here. I am sorry we share what we do but i am glad i have found this site and i hope it can help me out of my current ways of thinking.
  3. Hey I am new here. It has been a while since i have done something like this, i thought i was better than i was but unfortunately i have taken several steps backwards while being silent so felt i needed to find somewhere like this to help me deal with my past. I was sexually abused many years ago by a family member and his friends.
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