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    art, photography, poetry.....i love taking night walks....yes weird but i do....swimming, soccer, tennis...umm other stuff too...but dont feel like typing out a story.... :P

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  1. hey fiona, wow I would say that my story is very close to yours.......my step father sexually abused fomr 6 until i was 14 when he died from a heart problem.......Im only 15 now, and just told my mom and counseller.......but i worry all the time that he did it to my sisters too though im not sure and they are only 8 and 10 so i think Ill wait a little longer until I tell them or at least ask them...... "I wish i had told somebody then i would have saved them from going through what I went through" if my sister were abused fro even a little bit which i think they were I know exactly what you mean.......I wish i told someone period, but im not sure it would've helped...........oh i would like to type more but my mother is calling me..... please PM if you ever want to talk..... Linz
  2. oooh kool.....yea sometime.... Linz
  3. yea!....ruby is mine to......uhhh yea sry just wanted to share that.... ..... Linz
  4. Welcome to AS Loretta (pretty name, if it your real name) Im glad you found AS but sad that you had to.......I hope some time soon you will be able to post here, take your time.....know that we are all here for you..... loads of hugs Linz
  5. Welcome to AS hun, Hope you find this a helpful place, as I have..... tons of hugs.... Linz
  6. Welcome to AS Beth, As for the age limit Im 15 so I'm probably the youngest not sure but I dont think theres anyone here whos younger......and for your friend well Adartha said it very well......dont really have much anything to say.....
  7. I was born in Dallas, Texas....grew up in Los Angeles, Cali....and now I live in Idaho...ehhh I hate this place..No big cities...
  8. 1dark_angel4

    New Here

    Hey Welcome to AS, to let you know to post as much or as little when you feel comfortable...we are all listening... loads of hugs
  9. 1dark_angel4


    Hi Belle, Im glad you found AS...and I just wan you to know to take your time on posting...well loads of hugs Lindsay
  10. Teardrop, Welcome to AS...it also took me awhile to post anything but I came to trust the poeple here and now I'm able to post (not alot but at least something)..so take your time and post when your ready ~Lindsay
  11. Hi Orkid, I still blame myself for what happened to me sometimes...my father also abused me...I'm sorry for what happened to you and I know what your going through about telling anyone was even a good idea...but I'm glad you found AS and I am here for you as is everyone eles. ~Lindsay
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