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    Writing poetry & short stories, reading, photography, scrapbooking, my dog & my cat

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  1. Hello again to everyone, I haven't posted in a long time. But I'm glad to be back. Mariposa
  2. Thanks all so much for the warm welcome. I appreciate it. I am anxious to get out everything but don't quite know where to start. Maybe you all could give me some advice. I just feel so rushed inside to connect with survivors, I don't want to burden people around me because they have dealt with many years of my "issues". But this time around I am doing things differently and talking about the actual things that happened (in therapy of corse). No matter what steps I take it never feels like enough. I know I messed up lately because after I have been in a social setting with friends, afterwards I just beat myself up about every little thing I think that I did wrong. I'm feeling like everything lately is just wrong and I'm wrong. Sorry to ramble, but thanks for listening. Thank you all, and thanks Awhisperoftruth for the offer. Mariposa
  3. Hi Kai, I'm new here also. Nice to meet ya. Mariposa
  4. Hello everyone, I just joined aftersilence. I am glad to be here, and happy to see so many survivors supporting each other. I've been in a very tough place lately. Trying to deal with past abuse issues and just feeling desperately lonely. I'm hurting bad and am looking for some support to get through the loneliness. I guess that's all for now, don't know what to say right now. Thanks, Mariposa8
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