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  1. i AM A NEW MEMBER AND HAVE SPENT MOST OF THE DAY SITTING HERE READING EVERYONE'S STORIES AND READING MY REPLY'S WHICH GIVE ME HOPE. IT FEELS GOOD KNOWING i CAN TALK AND SOMEONE IS LISTENING.I have bottled this up for four month, and I feel I can't cope anymore.I went to a councoller and I agree it wasn't my fault. BUT. I was the one that was drunk and unable to look after my self and that I blame myself for. I wish this would go away
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    Thanks for relpying to me.It made me cry reading my replies but it good to now you are all out there.
  3. It has taken me 4 month to find after silence, and I hope that at last I can find the help I need to get over the r##e (DON'T EVEN LIKE THE WORD)It happened on holiday. I meet a guy in a pub and had a few two many drinks. That is my first regret. I don't remember what happened after I left the pub but I ended up in his apartment and he dragged me into his bedroom. Will I ever stop crying and get my confidence back. I am trying so hard to be me again but i'm not doing a good job. :533:
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