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    I love to sing, act, and dance:)

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  1. thanks for the love and support :] it helps me so much i mean, honestly last nite i was going to kill myself, but i had the best support system of two friends who cared so much. my one friend wanted so bad to tell the counselor. but i'm ok now. well for the most part. i've still got a ong way to go, but atleast it's a start! xoxo -Rachel
  2. you know. i think taking a break was a good idea. i cleared my thoughts, and did some huge improvents thank you so much. glad i stayed
  3. any body know how?? i'm thinking this isn't such a good idea for me. and. . i don't know. it's just. not working. and i don't think it'll be anygood in a few days. so i wanted to get rid of it ahead of time. xoxo -Rachel
  4. wow. i'd be sooo mad if I heard that one! that's so stupid.
  5. Welcome! Glad you decided to join. Make yourself comfy(or how ever you spell it) We're all your friends here! xoxo -Rachel
  6. (((((((hendim))))))) i'm glad your glad. i can honestly say there hasn't been a moment in my life, that i haven't wished it would all just go away. reality is, if you truely want it, you have to work for it. even though it won't go away COMPLETELY. i wihs you the best of luck. and remember. everyone at AS is really here for you. PM me if you need anything. xoxo -Rachel
  7. my personal favorite has always been: "Why didn't you kick him in the nuts?" people are just so inconciterate[sp?] this days.
  8. Take it easy. Welcome to AS. I've been here a few days, and I'm already feeling better. So don't worry, everything will turn out for te best. PM me if you need anything. xoxo Rachel
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