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  1. OK, that makes sense if the second number includes unregistered guests + registered members. Thanks for explaining.
  2. Just a silly question -- On the main page, the "most users/members ever online" is reported in two places, and the number are not the same. Can someone explain this? Is there a difference between "most members ever online in one day" and "most users ever online" -- ?? What is the time period for the latter? Anyway, thanks, this has kinda been making me scratch my head.
  3. Can anyone tell me where to find information on how to access the Women only forum? Thanks.
  4. PS - Please private message me with the info, if you don't mind.... Just in case I can't find this post again! Still learning my way around. Thanks!
  5. I have been looking around for instructions on how to apply to enter the women only forum... Please advise how to find out where I can apply for a password. Thanks.
  6. Just thought I'd say hello! New around here... Hope to find a supportive environment in dealing with healing. Thank you.
  7. Cat Walk


    Good luck with what you are going through.
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