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  1. Hey, i've been wondering about you! I'm sorry to hear it's been so rough, but i am soooo glad that your ship has sailed back to as. we're here anytime, it's such a relief to hear from you. you are beautiful, and i don't think you were a mistake. ~estella
  2. hey wow. I do not remember if I have been using the fast reply button for the ones i got subscribed too, but I didn't notice that, so thank you donna, i will remember that. Vera- thank you! i didn't realize that I could check my subscriptions that way either! You are both awesome ~estella
  3. I keep getting messages in my email that say I have subscribed to several topics here, which I have never done. This happens only with threads which I have replied to, but I know I didn't accidentally hit the button on so many different topics. How do I make this stop, because I come here every day so it's just filling up my inbox? Do we get automatically subscribed to topics we reply to? Estella
  4. DarkSparkle


    hey honey, welcome to the board. If you want to, you can pm me, and I will write you back. You are strong, and I am so sorry that that happened to you. I am glad you were able to tell, even if it took awhile. Take care of yourself, I will check my pm's in a little bit, and will write back tonight. ~estella
  5. I'm in school full-time too. I guess I'm not quite as generous of myself as you guys all are... I have 3 semesters left and then I am going to grad school. I want to be a linguist, preferably historical. It's a hard field to be a professor in, but I am going to try. I've also though recently about doing some forensic linguistics, which would be helping cops with language. Like, if a serial killer calls the police, I could tell how old he is, where he is from, etc. by his voice and speech patterns. Similar at-trial stuff like saying, yes, that really was his voice, especially if they try to mask their voice or something. Maybe I'll do both. I love being in school, and I'm really good at it. I'm taking 20 hours this semester. My mom was a probation officer for juvenile girls, and I wanted to be a social worker when I was younger. And then I realized I just can't get away from what I really want to do, it's like my mind is hardwired for it. But you are all so awesome for giving so much of yourselves to the same world that took so much already.
  6. Oh, Ohio's not that boring. What with the cow-tipping and all. And there's always corn mazes. And... um.... lots of strip malls. I'm from Dayton, at some point.
  7. Psych problems are medical. Doctors treat medical problems. Any doctor who will not treat someone because they have a medical problem needs to have their liscense revoked. Now, I know that alot of problems a doctor should refer to someone who specializes in psychology, just as you would refer someone to a gastroenterologist or an oncologist, but anyone who wholly refuses to treat you because they think you have a psychological problem must have gone to school in the dark ages. If you think going to the doctor is making you worse- STOP GOING. There are free clinics in all cities- I assume you are in the US, I don't know about anywhere else, though I'm sure Britain has even more- and though these have some drawbacks- like having a different doctor everytime you go, long lines, paperwork, stuff like that, I strongly recommend that you try to find one. They cannot put you in Hospice against your will unless someone has power of attorney over you, which you would have had to sign away or else there would have been a court hearing. If you think you have a serious medical problem that needs immediate attention, such as you need surgery or believe you are in danger of dying, go to the ER. They are required by law to treat you without regard for whether you can pay for it or not.
  8. I hope we can help you on your continuing journey. You have found the right support group, and I'm glad you're here. Welcome, with open and safe arms. ~estella
  9. I just have one little question... Did anyone else get an e-mail sent to them that read exactly the same way as above post? Because I did. So that's really and I think it isn't very nice for someone to join not only just to spam the forums but then also to get e-mail addresses. It feels like a peeping tom. Or something. I don't know.
  10. welcome to the board!! thats very true. looking forward to your insight! ~estella
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