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  1. Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. I don't feel so all alone.
  2. I want to thank ya'll for such warm welcomes. I'm glad that I have found a place that I can read and see that there are others that have went thru the same thing I have.
  3. I'm glad to have found a place that I can open up about it.
  4. Good Evening All. I really don't know how to jump in on this. Somedays its just to much to think about even after all these years. I'm 44 years old. The abuse started when I was around 2 or 3 from the best of my memories and asking my mother when we lived and about how old I was when we lived there and continue till I was 15. Today has not been one of my better days. I needed to find someone that could understand the fears, the hatered, the feeling's of being very much alone and wanting answer to why they done what they done and why my mother would never do anything about it after me telling h
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