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  1. Don't know what to do about me.

    1. Hawkgirl


      Sending you safe hugs if ok. :hug:

    2. mary0331


      :hug:I believe most of us understand.....

  2. Hi BrokenAngel and welcome. There is a lot of support here and I hope this site really helps you get through this hard time. Since your assault was so recent have you sought help from anyone in your area? Depending where you are located there are crisis centres available for help in these situations. I wish you luck on your healing journey and hope to see you around the boards. H
  3. Hey there Ghostlovescore, Couldn't resist saying hi and welcoming another nightwish lover. Hope you find your way, Hail
  4. Hail


    hey all I'm Hail... That's about it really for now... I guess i dont really know what im doing on here... Hoping wandering around a board like this will help clear my mind on certain things. *shrug* Maybe start me talking a little...stop my mind going off on its little tangents and focus ect... Let's see how things go eh? Cheers Hail
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