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  1. hi hun, i know Pandoras very well, also a great site. also love Florida!! take precous care ! Nax Greetings from Australia!!
  2. hi hun, nice to meet you. ive been coming to after silence for years and have found it over the time as a real strong part of my healing , plus youre with people who know, understand, and genuine in care for you. I havnt been here for months, so its nice to come back and welcome you. i hope you find it a safe and good place to be in your healing. strength and validation to you hun.... Nax xx
  3. awwwww hi sweety!! so nice to see you back here with us. i also havnt been here for so long, nice to see some people i still know, including you! congratulations hun on your beautiful baby boy! enjoy this precious time with him. a beautiful time in your life. Glad to see youre doing well and happy. sending you our love. NewHope & me xxxxx Nax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. do you not know "stop" means stop !!!!!!!? YOU ARRIGANT SELFISH A S S H O L E !!!!!!!
  5. Good to have you back George! Take good care of yourself! Hugs Nax x
  6. Its good to see you metsfan! Glad youre safe! Keeping you in my thoughts Take care of you! Hugs Nax xx
  7. Welcome to AS DD Hope you find AS to be of a good support to you. Im sorry for what you have been through,thats bought you here. All our love and support Nax
  8. Welcome back Mariposa! Hope we can be of a good support to you. Take gentle care of yourself. Nax
  9. welcome Tanika hope we can be of a help to you. we are here for you and eachother. all the best for your road to recovery hun safe hugs Nax
  10. came home, away for last 3 weeks. Nearly finished my Canvas today
  11. Taking 3 hours break from West Ward Psych Unit. and the the obvious to come here and say hi. going back in 20 Hugs for you all.
  12. Hi Moanna Welcome to After Silence. Youre with people who understand and care alot for you. We are here for you anytime. Look forward to seeing you more. Pm me anytime. Nax
  13. Hey, welcome back!! Take good care! ...Nax
  14. Welcome To AS. Hope you find AS to be of a good support for you. Here youll meet really beautiful people who very much care and understand where you have been and what youre going through today. Take good care okay Nax
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