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  1. Thank you so much, already just by reading posts and relating to so many I am finding comfort and safety. Peace ~ Tink
  2. Thank you if I can help just one person it is all worthwhile. Peace ~ Tink
  3. Thank you so much ~ it is hard for me but this space we have here is wonderful and even after all the years I can come back and find a safe place. ~ Peace ~ Tink
  4. Thank you all - the support here after years of absence is wonderful.
  5. Thank you so very much, I plan to stay for awhile and at least read and remember how it feels to be safe.
  6. Hello - I have been away for a few years so I want to re-introduce myself I am Tinkerbelle and have been dealing for years with childhood abuse that went through my years as an adult. My space has recently been invaded again by the person I worked so hard to extricate my feelings about, and overcome triggers for those feelings. For the past few years the person responsible now has dementia and I am the POA and Primary Caretaker. Bad enough to have to be the one at the Nursing Home daily and only family member to be involved, but recently this person has been exhibiting behaviors that although innocent enough for any other person who would observe them because they do not know this individual and see the person as they are in this demented state, But for me I have experienced traumatic flashbacks lately and it is to the point where I needed to return here to find commonality and a safe harbor. As with so many of us here the rest of the family has no idea I am dealing with this. I am 66 y/o and it has been my own burden to bear all these years. I have to put on a front when I am there providing care. There is a duality to this that I loathe, However I am hoping that my return here and the opportunity to find others who are dealing with these feelings will assuage my despair and feelings of vulnerability, This stuff never goes away even after therapy and support groups a specific incident can trigger all those old feelings. I came here for the first time in 2007 and for a few years was able to find a safe harbor and an independent life. But now I am once again placed in a situation where I am almost captive to having to deal with these things AGAIN, Thank you all for being here, Tink
  7. Glad you are here, I hope you find safety and comfort here. Peace ~ Tink
  8. Hello I am new here too. I hope we can learn not to be afraid anymore. A welcome to you just as I have been welcomed too..it does feel good to be in a place where there are others who understand. It is time for us. We have waited long enough. Take Care.
  9. Hello to All, I am new here today, and although it is a difficult place for me right now..I am bravely stepping out of the dark. I hope to learn from everyone. Shaking in my boots.....everything scares me...I scare me..but still I am here and still I want to get strong and find balance and light in my life once again.
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