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  1. Hi everyone thanks so much!!! I look forward to meet you all!! You words means a lot to me...
  2. hi everyone, my name is Rose, I was sexually abused by my brother, he is 8 yrs older than me I was around 5 when everything started, I am 35 now... On 10/27/07 I told my family what he did I could not keep it inside me anymore It has been 30 yrs and omg it still hurts emotionally I haven't seen this pervert in almost a yr I didn't say anything before because despited everything I wanted to keep my family together What hurts the most was my family reaction, my mom was in total disbelief, my father said and I quote" and why are you brining this after all these years?" " Oh that's only child's play" he later apologized but I will never forgive him for that... I also told 2 of my brothers, one of them called him immediately and told him what a scum bag bag he is etc etc, my brother of course denied everything, when I left my mom's house she patted my back and said well daughter Im sorry what happened to you... I'll see you later and left... the next day I went to her house and she gave the third degree asking things that I wish I could forget... and all those memoried came back... later she told me that my brother denied the whole thing and that she doesnt know what and who to believe and when I told her that it was the truth and that pretty much failed to protect ehr only daughter and youngest child she accused me of trying to destroy the family and also that I wanted to provoke her a heart attack making me feel so guilty that I reveled this secret... I also told my husband I didnt want to but but one day he told me that he could not understand why I hated my brother so much so I had to tell him that was about 2 yrs ago, I pretty much had to restrain him because he was going to beat the crap out of him, my husband is awesome and without him I dont know what would have I done.... so sorry for the long post thanks I needed to vent...
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