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  1. Thanks so much guys, this really means alot to me. I feel like I've been looking for something like this ever since it happened. Now I feel kinda like a massive weight has been lifted off my chest. So thank you all.
  2. Hey... well all I can say is that 1: Your friend sounds like the good type of friend... the one that takes time to get... and 2: A psychologist isn't all that bad sometimes... I mean, I'm a seventeen year old inspiring psychologist so ya know... but if you ever want to talk, just PM me ^.^ I have an open ear for you... Thank you. It's kind of a relief to believe that there actually are other people out there who understand. I mean, I've known it for a while, but knowing seems to be different to believing it, in a wierd way. So yes. Thank you. :D
  3. Hi everyone, *waves* I'm here because my friend suggested I talk to someone other than him, as he's only my age and it's pretty full-on for a teenager to deal with the stuff I talk about, and I don't feel that it's fair for me to keep burdening him, even though he says he doesn't mind, he wants to help and all that. But I don't think it's fair on him. I kinda think he meant for me to talk to a psychologist or something, but I don't like them. And, even though it's four years since when it happened (when I was 12), better late than never, eh? ~Elyon
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