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    My favorite things drawing, painting, reading, yoga and working out. For now I am currently in grad school, a few hours from completion and ready to be done.

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  1. New To This Board

    Hi...welcome to AS.
  2. Im A Surviver Thru Jesus

    Wow, your story shows such strength and courage. I understand your desire to serve and to want to fight for those that do not have a voice. Continue to seek God's will and to find healing in your life. Yet those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings as Eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 (my favorite)
  3. New Here. Feeling Lost.

    Jess, Although we are all here for mutual reasons there is no really place you have to begin at. I find reading the stories can be triggering so I tend to stay away from that section. Don’t feel like you have to post. Sometimes I just read. Sometimes like tonight I reply like crazy. I started by reading then by posting my story. It was good to get it off my chest but believe me that is hard so do so when you are ready. You mentioned seeing someone, that’s a brave and important step. You can start by calling your local RCC or going through RAIIN. You're not alone. Stay safe hun, and welcome to AS!
  4. Hello

    PJ, It's not odd. Unforunately it is far more common then you would think. My point is you are not alone and there are people here that understand. We are here for you. Welcome to AS!
  5. Hi

    Welcome to AS hun.
  6. Hi Im New

    Hi welcome to AS. This is a safe and supportive place.
  7. Quick Introduction

    Welcome to AS!
  8. New Here

    Welcome! You will find support here.
  9. New Here

    Welcome to AS hun!
  10. Baby Step

    I am not saying that it will be an easy conversation with you husband. I told mine when we were still dating, but I did not tell him how much the assault affected me and that I was finally dealing with it until close to 7 years later. I did not tell him that I started therapy. I was protecting him from a lot of my pain for a really long time and when I let him in we grew as a couple. I can't describe the intimacy in words. You have carried this burden for a really long time, it is okay to hurt and the fact that you are worried abou his feelings says how much you love him. Take soft steps with him and I hope that you can find support there.
  11. Hi =]

    Welcome back.
  12. I'm New Here

    Welcome to AS!
  13. Hi,i'm New

    Welcome to AS hun. You are not alone here.
  14. Hello To All

    Welcome to AS hun. I'm glad you are here. :inn:
  15. First Post

    Hi. You can feel safe here. Welcome.