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    My husband, pets, reading, sewing.

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  1. Jem123


    Thanks. I really like this place because it's anonymous. You don't know me, and in a wierd way, that helps. I can talk about what happened and how I feel and not worry about feeling wierd or being judged or felt sorry for. I don't have to worry about feeling ackward or strange. I can talk to people who have been there and have some of the same problems and feelings. It really helps.
  2. Jem123


    Hi, I'm Jem. Just wanted to say hi and i'm new and thanks for having such a helpful forum! I'm not comfortable saying my real name (kinda stupid if you think about it, bucause there are alot of different people out there with my name) But I hope to get to know everyone and start to feel more comfortable with everyone. I may not make sense at time, sometimes i dont, so please forgive me. I'm a little messed up. Ok, maybe a lot messed up. But I'm trying to figure things out and move on with my life. I've got a lot of work ahead of me and hope that this forum will help. Jem
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