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    Sports, sports and sports! Lol. Play flag football and softball and have previously participated at a high level in soccer, swimming and cricket and have probably tried every other sport that doesn't involve horses or ice!

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  1. Trigger warning Apparently my case was fairly important in getting it changed in Scotland. I was attacked in 2005 and it went to court in 2006. It was officially called sodomy then and tried as a form of indecent assault but all the police and procurator fiscal that I dealt with were up in arms and complained lots about it. A year later there were significant changes in the law in Scotland, which gave men the same recognition as women, along with including sending unwanted sexually explicit texts and e-mails as being a form of sexual assault and it is now the case that the woman (or man) take
  2. Very true, but not really sure how we can get that to change. If it's not something that has effected you, either directly or as a secondary, then it's not something that people really pay much attention to. Obviously we're all here because it has so we're more inclined to think twice about saying things or making assumptions, but most people wont do that. I think the thing is to try and find a way to make most people think twice, just not sure how to do it!
  3. I agree with Po. It's just a numbers thing. Most people assume a survivor is female because the numbers suggest they are more likely to be. This sort of thing happens in all walks of life.
  4. The defence lawyer said that because my times were mixed up then it couldn't have been rape. Like WTF!! Cos I was obviously looking at my watch all the way through. Also the police doctor scientifically proved that I'm gay. Seriously. I have it written down and everything!!!
  5. Welcome. Hope you get what you seek in this forum
  6. callum


    Welcome! Hope you find this message board suits your needs!
  7. Welcome. You (and your friend) very level headed and sensible. Hope you get what you are looking for in this forum
  8. Hey leela, we're a great bunch on AS and I'm sure you will be able to get what you are looking for. PM me anytime if you wanna chat Callum
  9. Welcome, hopefully we can support you and get you through the difficult times
  10. callum


    Hey kandikid, I hope you can talk about and recover from your attack here. I'm really angry and sorry about what happened to you. PM me anytime Callum
  11. callum


    Heya Jem. You take things as slowly as you want to. The main thing is that you've made such a huge step by using this forum and hopefully we can all help you on your road to recovery. PM me anytime you want someone to chat to.
  12. Welcome to AS. I'm here for you if ever you need me.
  13. Heya Dash. Welcome to AS - I've certainly not had trouble making friends on this site so hopefully neither will you
  14. Thanks guys. It means a great deal as I appear to be getting shunned everywhere else I look for help and support Oh well, I've found the right place here!!
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