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  1. Broke, I so feel the same way. I have a therapist and my husband but i just recently told him about my abuse after almost 15 years of marriage, so im not really ready to share all with him and hope that this special place will give me that abillity. Crazywith5
  2. Amen to that, I still have a hard time wondering if its still worth getting up for, then i hear my child and decide its the best thing I CAN do. Thanks crazywith5
  3. Hello Sam, Im new here also, I am just now comming to turms with my abuse as a child and teen. I have not told anyone encluding my husband of almost 15 years. But then when I found out the my daughter was being abused by my son, and i started taking classes I decided that to help her I first needed to come to terms with my abuse and get help for my self. I think that this will be a great place to start helping me heal. Best of luck and love to us all. Crazywith5
  4. Hello, Im crazywith5, I would love to talk with, I believe that no one can have to many friends as long as they are the right ones. hope to talk soon.
  5. Hello, not sure if im doing this right or not. I was told I needed to post 5 times before I could chat, and I would love to talk with you when I am able. Hope to chat soon Crazywith5
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