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  1. Hi Dash - Welcome to AS. It is a great place and I hope you find what you need here.
  2. Thanks to KellyM - for sharing that an intro was also missing - just like I did and realized only a few minutes ago. Sorry to all if I have made mistakes. When I found this site 5 days ago I was in really bad shape. I just jumped right in. But I have not told my story yet. Only bits and pieces. Here is the intro. I am 48. I have 2 girls, 1 boy. They are all grown and moved away. My husband is a gem. I have everything to live for. Just can't figure out why I can't get over it. I have ordered books, and found this site. I had a Doc, but just wrote him a note telling him I won't b
  3. A few minutes ago I realized I did the same thing. When I found this site 5 days ago I jumped right in and did not introduce myself either. I was so embarrased I was just going to quit. Thanks for your post - made me feel brave enough to go now and introduce myself.
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