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  1. Thank you everyone, really, it makes me feel better knowing that there is someone here that cares. I have been just searching for ways to find support and to get to talk to others who have been through similar things. I am just so glad that I have that opportunity now. I am hopeful that life will get bettere, it is just a little hard right now and I will succeed. well anyway, I am no longer keeping silent about anything. I am going to fight and I am going to beat this, it will not get me! Jennifer
  2. Thank you all for your kind words. I am just really trying to get through everything and I know it's going to be a long road but I also know that I will make it. I am just going through alot right now. It's all just a long story. I don't know. Anyway, I hope to continue to hear from all of you and to respond the best as I can and give support to all. Jennifer
  3. Hi, My name is Jennifer. I am 21. I just recently came across this website and thought I would see what it was all about. Well I have been struggling alot lately. I have an extensive history of childhood abuse (well I can't even say what kind). Then I also have recently been assaulted this year actually. It has been really difficult for me. I was assaulted in the beginning of may and it was pretty bad. I also have DID so I don't remember the actual assault, I think because I dissociated. But then when I came back, I was bleeding so bad. I was bleeding so much I had to go to the ER and they couldn't stop the bleeding and so I had emergency surgery. If I would have bled anymore, they would have given me a blood transfusion. I had surgery at 2 am and I was in surgery for 3 hours. I had no clue then what happened, I just thought something normal took place and that something just happened. But then I was in the hospital for 4 days. I was told then that they reported it to the police and there was going to be an investigation. So the next week after this happened, I talked to the investigator and they asked me what I wanted to happen, then I had no clue what had taken place, so I wasn't sure. But then I saw the doctor that did my surgery later that afternoon. He then told me more about what happened. He told me that something had to of been used and that it went through the wall, through my abdominal cavity and was out by my bowels. I did have some internal bleeding as well. The doctor told me that this guy had done this and that he had assaulted me. So then I called the investigator and talked to him about what I learned and he didn't know what would happen, he had mentioned something about 3rd degree assault. But I didn't know it was this serious and I asked him if it could be a greater charge. Then later on I was talking with the county attorney's office and they ended up telling me they were not going to charge him with anything at all. So I then asked to talk to a county attorney and they told me the same thing. It's because there is no way of proving that I didn't just say ok to him doing that. But they did end up charging him with 3rd degree assault. But he went to court and they only ended up giving him one day in jail. So he got one day in jail while I got hurt this bad. Plus I had to go to wound care at the hospital everyday for 3 months because the wound was a dirty wound and got infected. So then I guess it's just all kind of been difficult for me. That is they reason why I found all this. Well I hope to chare more with all of you and get to know you. Jennifer
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