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  1. thanks for the welcomes! It feels good to finally post an introduction.
  2. Hi, ive been a member for a while but I never really posted or spent much time on here before, and I never properly introduced myself in the first place, but I'm trying to make a go of it this time so... Hi to everyone who reads this. Scanning some of the posts I can see that some people have really been helped by this website, I hope that I can one day say the same. I'm a student and a sortof activist (I feel like I can't claim to really be one right now because I haven't been very involved in many events lately) Other than that I love to dance, running is also great (but not for my knees-owww). I read a lot I guess and I try to knit as well. I study philosophy and women studies and I always like to discuss anything to do with those two subjects with anyone who's interested (Im re-reading a very cool collections of essays by Linda A Bell if anyone has an opinion about the ins and outs of feminist standpoint theory). I am also frankly sick of feeling miserable 99% of the time so I've decided to try and deal seriously with my sh*t and part of that is actually using this profile I guess. Thanks for reading! bye! Question, what is the general protocol about swearing on here? I tend to swear a lot (like every second word), esp. when I'm talking about something like SA but I hate doing it in front of people I can't really see/don't know bc I don't know if I'm offending anyone. I see some people use asterisks...?
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