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  1. Hey Bea, I don't think you where babbling at all, it all makes perfect sense, and based on what you've said, I'm really glad that you've decided to come to AfterSilence. You know, I think the best way you can prevent your past from hurting your relationship with your fiance and son, is communication, it's really the key to any successful relationship, letting them know why you're acting the way you are, you don't have to go into gorry details, just communicate the best way you can, then they know you're making the best possible effort to overcome this, so you can live a happy life with them, it can help loved ones feel as if they're not being left in the dark about what's going on for you, even if you just say, "I'm doing it tough at the moment because of those things in my past", it makes a big different to not saying anything I think by coming here, it proves you are a survivor, and although you're hurting you're also on the path to healing, it's a long and sometimes uncertain road to travel, but trust me you're a survivor, and you're surviving right now I think by being here at AS and getting support from others like yourself can only help that healing Well done on coming here, I know it's not always easy but you've done the right thing, and I look forward to seeing you here Take gentle care, John
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    Hey Holly Welcome to AfterSilence I'm glad that you've found this place to come to, this is a very supportive and understanding community where our aim is to overcome the hurts we've had from our pasts John
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    Hey lolly, I'm sorry for what has happened in you past and how that's affecting you now, I hope that going into theraphy soon will give you the support you need, and I hope being here also helps you in your healing, this place is a really nice place to be, and heal with others who've been through similar experience to you I look forward to seeing you here John
  4. Hey jlynn, It's ok not to know what to say when you first do something like coming here, and that totally normal, when I first came here I too didn't really know what to say, but over time you'll find yourself able to open up more and more about what happened, and be able to heal from those events, but just take it one step at a time, and I think the fact that you've decided to come here is a great achievement in itself. This is a very healing place to come I look forward to having you here at AS, and I hope we can help in your healing John
  5. LOL LOL! Yeah I'd love to know who actually won
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    Hey Nanaof3, I'm glad to hear your supportive spouse told you about AS, it's a really supportive and caring place to be. This community has always given me such reason to heal and to keep healing, and I'm sure you'll feel that too here This journey well are all on to healing is a difficult one, but one that we can all achieve, togeather I look forward to having you here Take gentle care John
  7. Hey Freefrog, I'm glad that you've come here for support and understanding, and please know we totally understand about the language difficulties and I don't think they'll be a problem, from reading you posts you seem quite good at english . I'm looking forward to seeing you here at AS, and hope you find the support and understanding you're looking for here Take gentle care John
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    Hey Blake, I'm glad to see you've been able to find a community that you can be apart of, and please know from my experiences here, that this is an awesome community ot be apart of, and I'm glad that you've joined us here We look forward to growing and healing with you
  9. Hey Melyssa, I'm from Australia too, and I'm quite young also, 18 I am sorry for the hurts which you experience and I hope that by spending time here at AS it helps heal those hurts I look forward to seeing you here, and please feel free to PM me anytime John
  10. Hey ineedyoutoloveme, I'm sorry for what happened to you 2 year ago, it's so very wrong, and so unfair, and I hope that by coming here you can get the support and healing you deserve, I know this place has so much to offer and I hope you can find some healing here Take gentle care, John
  11. Hey Aryana, My best friend Ashley, who I've known since I was 3 has been working with horses for her whole life and she's an amazing rider! I love tending to the horses with her, they're absolutely wonderful animals and even the problem ones can be quietened down and tammed with time and effort, I've seen Ashley do it, and I know she finds it so rewarding I'm glad you do that also Horses are truely amazing animals, and you must be very tallented to tame them and also very strong for having the courage to come here, and I think you've done a great thing by coming here, because the people here are so supportive and understanding I'm really looking forward to seeing you here at AS PM me anytime John
  12. Hey Luciee, Welcome to AfterSilence I'm glad you've come here, I'm 18, so only abit older than you, this place is a really supportive and nice place to be where people can heal with others who have been through similar circumstances. Please never hesitate to come and talk to one me if you ever need to talk Take gentle care, John
  13. Hey Greytoon, I hope that you find reason for being here at AS, because there are so many good reasons to be here, to be with other people who understand the hurt you've been feeling, and who can give you validation and support. That's why we're here, to help each other through this hurt, and togeather build brighter futures for each other I hope you can find this here John
  14. Hey FiestyLeo, I'm glad that after all of this time you've decided to start talking about your past, although it's really hard but it does really help, and does help you in your healing. I that you find the healing you're looking here, and if I can help out in anyways please feel free to PM me John
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    Hey Allofu, Welcome to Aftersilence I am glad that you've been able to come here to AS, and get support for what you've experienced, there is alot of support here, and I hope that it helps you in your healing If you need any help at all please feel free PM me John
  16. Hey there, Yes it's called repression but it's a good thing to end that, I am glad that you've come here and are deciding to end the silence, I don't think you could have come to a better place to open up, and break the silence. I am glad you've come here, and I look forward to you healing with us all here John
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    Hey there, Welcome to AfterSilence - I am very glad you've decided to say Hi, and come to AS, it's a very important and strong step you've taken in your healing and one which I am glad you've taken so well done to you, and I hope you find the support you're looking for here - this place is very support John
  18. Hey sfg, Welcome to AfterSilence - I am glad that you've already found comfort here at AS, I was the same when I first came to AS, just looked around for a little while before joining, and when I joined it only got better with the level of support I was able to get, and I am glad you've decided to join the forum too and get that extra support you get when you join I look forward to seeing you here and I hope you find the support you deserve here, I am sure you will as everyone here is so supportive, and has really helped myself move forward in my life, and I hope AS can do the same thing for you John
  19. John


    Hey Haileigh, Welcome to AfterSilence I'm glad you've decided to come to AfterSilence to be with people who have been through similar thing to you, while healing from those hurtful things you've experienced, the people here do understand what you've been through and we're all here to support each other through our healing I look forward to seeing you here, and please feel free to PM me anytime John
  20. John


    Welcome, I'm glad you've come here, and although you've just started your journey, I think joining a support group such as this one is a massive leap towards healing from you experiences, so kudos to you Well done
  21. John


    Hey stormyout, Welcome to AfterSilence, I'm glad to see you here, as Sara said Humour and Silliness is a good forum to go to when you're new, however, you can go where you wish to do .... It's totally up to you Wherever you go within AS, there will be supportive ear listening here Take gentle care John
  22. Click here and yeah as aperson said, it's now in the Body and Mind section
  23. Hey secretinnerwar, Welcome to AfterSilence, I'm really glad you've found us here, and I hope you find the comfort you're looking for here, I'm sure you will, as the members community we have here is filled with caring, inspirational, and healing people, who are in the same boat as you, and really do understand what you're going through. Please know we're here to support you through this hard time on your healing journey John
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    Hey Brynn17, Welcome to AfterSilence Hey I know it's really scary at first, but please trust me when I say the people we've got here in our little space on the internet are lovely, and we're here to help you, and give you support in your healing process I'm glad you've decided to come here
  25. Hi Tracey, I'm very sorry for the pain you've gone through - It's very wrong, but I'm glad you've come to AS, to gain support and understanding this place is very supportive and understanding, so please turn to us when you need that understanding and support of other survivors. John
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