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  1. Hey celtickandi, Thanks for being here, I hope that by taking the steps you have in being here at AS it has helped in your healing journey Take gentle care John
  2. John

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    Hey Deb, Welcome to AS, I hope we can become great online friends too I look forward to seeing you here John
  3. Hey catydid, Welcome to AS, we're also very happy you've found us, and we're looking forward to seeing you here at AS I'm John, and basically I'm here to help you get settled in here at AS Take gentle care of yourself and PM me anytime John
  4. Hey there Christina, I'm John and I'm from Australia - I hope that finding this places help you and please don't be affraid to come here and ask for help because this is such a supportive place I look forward to seeing here you John
  5. I'll also click the "Find Member post's" button on the drop down menu that appears when I click on my name and that finds my latest posts ..Heheh, see there's many "ticks of the trade" to be learnt here latinab
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    Hi Yelena, I was like you at first too, I came here abit but didn't make an account at first, but then I did, and yeah it was most likely one of the most important things I ever did because it opened up this wonderful supportive and validating website to me And I'm glad that now by joining it's been opened up to you too - I'm looking forward to seeing you here. Take gentle care John
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    Hey milagra, I'm sorry you're feeling so sad right now, but please just keep on trying to put one foot infront of the other and you will be able to overcome the hurt your feeling now, and heal from what you've experience. This place is such a supportive place and very validating, so if there's anywhere that's going to help you on this journey it's AS, so I think you've done the right thing by coming here. Just remember to put one foot infront of the other, and post here when you need some support and understanding
  8. Hey there, Sometimes we find it can take abit of time for new people to get used to going around the forum and finding there way around but once you've been here even a short amount of time it just becomes second nature and you it starts to feel like a little online home I'm glad you've come here and I hope you find the support and healing you deserve here Take gentle care of yourself John
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    Hi All

    Hi there, Thank-you for joining our site, and I hope in the time you've had here already you've found this place a nice place to be . I'm glad you came here and I look forward to seeing you here at this site This is a really understanding place and I hope you find support and healing here
  10. Hi L Welcome to AfterSilence I'm also from Australia great place to come from if you ask me - I'm very sorry for what happened to you for those 5 years, I can understand you when you say he's no longer your father, that's very understandable position - I just hope that by being here in this community, which for me has been so helpful, we can also help you in your healing from what happened Take gentle care of yourself yeah John
  11. Hey tia4181, Welcome back to AfterSilence, I hope that coming back does help you continue you healing, I look forward to seeing you here from now on Take care, John
  12. Hey Shai, My name is John, I'm 18 and am also from Australia like you - it's wonderful to see you here and I look forward to seeing you here in the future
  13. Hey keliz, Please know that you don't have to talk about anything that you're not ready to talk about yet, the great thing about AS, is that it's totally up to you about how much you choose to share all at your own pace, and when you feel ready You know keliz, how you're feeling is totally normal and those feelings are totally validated here and we all understand just how hard it is, but please know you are strong enough to get through this, it maybe so hard, however you will be able to get through this, just take it one day at a time
  14. John


    Hey Stellie, My name John and I'm also from Australia Please know I believe you can put you life back togeather and heal from the hurt which you've experienced and if you want, AS can be here with you along this journey - This is a really supportive place to be and I'm really looking forward to seeing another Aussie here PM me anytime
  15. John


    I am very sorry for what happened to you hollow, it's very wrong and I am sorry you went through it, and please know you can heal from what you've been through. This place is really supportive and I hope that by being here togeather we can all heal togeather I look forward to seeing you here
  16. John


    Welcome Back to AfterSilence Doug, I look forward to seeing here I hope you feel better after spending time in hospital and I hope that the time you spent helped you on your healing journey
  17. John

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    Hey kmgcm, I think that this place is pretty non-judgemental, I actually find it a really nice and caring site to be apart of, and we've got the mods who work to keep the site really safe for everyone here, so I hope that you can find what you're looking for in this site, I think you will because this is a really nice and validating place. I'd also like to say, this place is fairly easy to use technically however if you are having any problems please don't hesitate to contact myself, on of the Newbie Support Team members or moderators. Thanks John
  18. John


    Hey Kel Welcome to AfterSilence, I'm sorry for the hurt which you experienced 9 years ago, and for the Aftermath that you've experiened, this place is such a supportive place and I hope that you're able to find the support you need here, I am sure you will as we all travel through this healing journey togeather Take gentle care John
  19. John


    Hey shaza, As hard is it, yes people can still live after it It's not always easy you can continue living, and you can heal from what has happened to you, and go on to live a fulfilling life I hope that by being here at AS it helps you with this
  20. Hey Tamara, I think starting this thread is a good way to make friends.... If you ever want someone to chat to feel free to PM me John
  21. John


    Hey Heather, Actually what you did with favouriting it, sounds very much like what I did when I first came here, then I decided to join and I went from there Trust me after I joined it was sooo much better, and I found this website so supportive, and I hope you can also find that here I'm also young like you, 18, and there are alot of other young people here also s John
  22. John


    Hey thether82, Welcome back, I hope you're able to find a comfortable spot here at AS where you're able to keep coming back and I hope you find the support you need here John
  23. Hey Lisa, I'm also from Australia, the Hunter Valley region about 3 hrs from Sydney, and I'm a regular there because alot of my friends go to uni there. I'm sorry for what happened to you at the train station it was very wrong, but your mum and friends are right you've done nothing to be ashamed of, or silly about, however I would also understand if those feelings happened, because I felt that way when it happened to me. It's also normal to not cry, as Lindy said, sometimes it takes a while for your body to react, however if you do cry that's also normal, each persons experience is different and each person involved in these bad experiences is different also, so the way each person reacts is different, so just react in whatever way you feel is right for you. We're here to support you no matter what feelings and reaction you have as a result of this
  24. Hey Manda Welcome to AfterSilence - I'm glad to hear you're so enthusiastic to be here and that you're looking forward to being apart of AS, this place, I've found is very supportive and I hope you find that also here, I'm 18, so only abit younger than you are, and also do university (collage) part time I'm looking forward to seeing you here at AS, please feel free to PM me anytime John
  25. Hey bruisedneveragain, Welcome to AfterSilence I'm from Australia so just across the pond from you , and I'm also 18, cool aye I hope that your degree is going well, and I've got some friends studying that also, and they seem to really like it, so I hope you like it also I'm also glad you've decided to come to AS, it's a really supportive place to be and I look forward to seeing you here, feel free to PM me anytime John
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