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    Hey Ilonka, I'm sorry for what happened to you I think you've certainly done the right thing by opening up about it, as hard as it is, in the long term it's certainly a great healing step, it allows you to take those first steps toward coming to terms with, and then overcoming what's happened, the first step to your healing Well done on coming here, and I look forward to seeing you here at AS
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    Hey Tasha Welcome to Aftersilence I think your idea of just looking around and getting a feel for things is a good one and please know this place is so supportive and I am sure you'll settle in within no time at all ... also just say whatever feels right John
  3. Welcome to AfterSilence I'm glad that you like it here and I'm glad you're friend told you about this place this place is very supportive, I think really it works with therapy not inplace of it, like I find this place very supportive but still see a therapist, it gives me a different level of support so I'd still strong enourage you seeing one at one stage or another if you believe it would help. I do look forward to seeing you here and I hope you find this place supportive
  4. I don't know if it was just for me, I think it was for us, but I spent time with my girlfriend, went to movies etc, slept over, and then spent some more time with her. It was really lovely
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    Well done on coming here and finding this place, I look forward to seeing you here and I hope that this place does help in your healing
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    Hi Harley, Males certainly are allowed here at Aftersilence, infact I'm a male and also a Newbie Supporter so I'm here to help you get settled into AS and help you out in anyway I can with that It looks like when you registered you registered with a female account though, so to get you access to the Male only forums (there one forum here just for Males) we'll move your account across to a Male account I look forward to seeing you here and please feel free to PM me anytime John
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    Hi Reachingout, I am very sorry for what you went through as a child, I want to say I think you've made the right decision by coming here, there's so much support and understanding here, and I am sure you'll get some of that. I look forward to seeing you here John
  8. Hey everyone, I guess this is just my two cents, I really like this idea, and I hope the mods do also, but there was one thing I was thinking about which I wanted to say about, and maybe the reason the mods haven't replied yet, could be that with a legal forum could come things like indemnity liabilities, that's the only thing that would really worry me about a forum like this, Also I think afew of the mods have been away from AS with outside commitment recently, but don't worry they're really good and I'm sure they'll reply eventually, I just think that the ones who aren't away at the moment are super busy covering for the others so might have missed it, but they always get to everyones suggestions eventually
  9. Hi there, I think that it's a very important part of healing to be able to connect with other survivors and so you can both offer support, understanding, and validation, to each other one a level that often only survivors can provide to each other, in my own healing journey I've found AS to be a wonderful place to get that support. Well done for coming here I look forward to seeing you here and I hope you find this place very helpful and please don't hestiate to PM me anytime
  10. Hi Melissa, Welcome to AfterSilence - I hope that by being here it helps you in your healing and helps you overcome the hurts that person caused to you, I am sorry that you went through that, however I am happy you've come here to be with others who have been through a similar experiences to you, and who can understand the hurt you're feeling. I can also hope that with time and healing you don't need to forgive yourself for anything as you've done nothing wrong at all. Please take gentle care, and I look forward to seeing you here at AS John
  11. What you're saying makes alot of sense - I think so many people here at AS can relate to what you're saying and I certainly can relate to what you're saying and I hope that by being here it really helps you in your healing Take gentle care and I look forward to seeing you here John
  12. Hi Watergirl, It's actually quite difficult to get the site to work on a mobile as a mobile uses different types of protocols to transfer data to the internet (GPRS, 3G etc) then a traditional internet connection (IP/TCP) so I guess it'd depend on the type of mobile you have, generally I find the best browser application to use AS on is Opera, which is what I use if I ever use AS from my Blackberry, other then that I've never actually really found a mobile browser that has overall support for all of the AS boards feature, so maybe you could try downloading Opera Mini onto your mobile phone and see if that helps. Goodluck! John
  13. Inactive Members are members who have chosen to leave at AfterSilence community, there accounts are inactive and such they cannot view anything other then what guests can, however inactive members can choose to have the accounts reactivated should they wish to come back. A member choosing to have there account put into an inactive state of there as an option, when they're not sure if they may wish to come back to AS in the future Take gentle care John
  14. John


    Hey em10, It's always ok for anyone who has been here in the past to come back to AfterSilence I'm glad that you've come back, and I hope that by coming back here to AS it can help you further your healing I look forward to seeing you here at AS John
  15. Hi blackwatchcat Welcome to Aftersilence - I'm sorry for the pain which you've been through, and the aweful experience which you've been through, I'm glad you've decided to come here to Aftersilence, as the people here are very supporting, and I hope they're able to bring the same validation and understanding to you as they have to so many others who have been where you are also I'm looking forward to seeing you here at AS Take gentle care, John
  16. John


    Welcome to AfterSilence DeAnne I hope that the positive vibes from AS are rubbing off onto you, and I hope you feel at home here because this is a really supportive place, which I'm glad you've decided to become apart of. I look forward to seeing you here John
  17. John


    Hi arzngrl529, Welcome to AfterSilence I'm glad you've come here and I hope you're feeling at home here I look forward to seeing you here Take gentle care, John
  18. Hi there, I'm pleased you've found AS also, this is a very support, understanding and validating place, I'm glad you've come here and I look forward to healing with you Please come here whenever you need someone to share with, all the survivors here are very supportive of each other Take gentle care of yourself John
  19. Hi there, I think many survivors have trouble saying that "word", so please know you're not alone in this, I just wanted to say thankyou for joining AS, and I hope this place it healing for you, the people here are really validating and comforting, and really nice, and I'm sure you'll fit really good here I look forward to seeing you here and healing with you John
  20. Hi purplejen, first welcome to Aftersilence , and secondly, I know that feeling of not deserving to be here, but we want you to be here, and we want you to heal with us, and you do very much deserve to be here Take gentle care John
  21. That's what I think also, I'd actually be worried about secondaries reading that board because well, I think in general survivors have unique issues with relationships, which the secondaries may not fully understand, as they're uniquely survivor issues, if that makes sense. Personally I'd be abit worries about secondaries reading some of my things about relationships, even embarrassed to an extent. But I like how Karen said about using the secondary forum, maybe if there's enough support there could be a secondary relationship sub-forum, or something like that Hehe, well that's my random ramblings on this John
  22. Hey Kathrina, Welcome to Aftersilence, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time at the moment, but I'm glad you've come here during this time, because we're all here to support each other through the hard times, so we can all overcome the horrible things which have occured to us. John
  23. Hey Watergirl, To view all the emotion codes please click here for a list of them Regards, John
  24. We are going to have to Act if we want to live in a different world
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