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    New Here

    Hello and Welcome to AS When you're here at AS you can say as much or as little as you wish, I am glad you found your way to our community here, and I look forward to seeing you here Please take gentle care of yourself John
  2. John

    New Girl

    Hey there, Welcome to AfterSilence. I'm sorry for what has brought you here, but I am glad that in this time you've decided to come to our community . I look forward to seeing you here and hope you find the what you're looking for here in this community. Please remember you're not alone here at AS John
  3. I did some HTML at university, I'm in the IT business, and also used to do it as a hobby year ago (like late 90s early '00s) but now whenever I do it, I find it just, tedious. I much prefer CMSs John
  4. Hi Steph, Welcome to Aftersilence - I'm John I don't think anyone here will think you are crazy, I can relate exactly to what you're feeling, and it's completely natural to feel that way, but you're not alone with this, there's tonnes (quiet literally) of people here who can relate to what you're going through, and who are here to step through the healing with you. Take gentle care, John
  5. John

    New Here

    Hi there CJ I run my own business too .. it can be a very busy lifestyle can't it. I hope you find everything you're looking for here at AS Take care, John
  6. John


    Hi there, Welcome to AS I hope you find this place helpful John
  7. I think Ginger is an awesome colour of hair. I so wish I had Ginger Hair. On a serious note: I totally agree with this, I don't think there's a better way to put it.
  8. Hi there, It's ok to be shy, everyone is shy at first, it's a perfectly natural way to feel. Don't worry about it, over time it will pass John
  9. Hi Everyone, Hope you've all been well recently since I haven't been around much I had this idea the other day which I thought would be good for AS, so I thought I'd come here and suggest it. As many survivors would have experienced, oftent they can feel excluded and isolated from society, and as a result quiet often become introverted for a period of time, even if before abuse they where outgoing and extraverted. As a result, sometimes survivors can be bullied or discriminated against, because of the introverted and more recluse behaviour they're showing, and member of society can often take advantage of this, by bullying, descriminating against, or in general just making they're lives harder because they're seen as "an easy target" for such treatment. I personally know I can relate to such feelings, as such I'm suggesting that we have some kind of forum where we can go and share our experiences of bullying and discrimination after the abuse by other's in society Thank-you, John
  10. Hey there, I hope that joining this wonderful, caring and loving community gives you the help, validation and support you deserve during this hard time. This place really is full of nice people who have been though similar experiences to you, and we're all here to support each other John
  11. Hi there Ghostlovescore, Good to see you coming to this site, this site is so very supportive and I am very glad that you have decided to come here and share and heal with the other members here. Thank-you for coming and I look forward to seeing you here John
  12. Hi there, I can relate to your feeling of a roller coaster ride, I think by coming to Aftersilence you've certainly taken the first important steps to your healing this place is a lovely caring place, and I look forward to seeing you here and I hope being here helps in your healing John
  13. Hi Astar, Welcome to Aftersilence, I think the best thing you could have done was to come to this site with your struggles, along with therapy, taking out about the hardship can be very healing, and a very important step to moving forward with your struggles. This site is a loving and caring place, and I am very glad you've decided to come here John
  14. Hi Laura, Welcome to Aftersilence Thankyou for coming here
  15. Dear Nikki, Welcome to Aftersilence I am really glad you've decided to take the step in your life like you have and join a support group like AS, for myself this place has been such a godsend, and I hope also for you, it can help you along your journey to healing John
  16. John


    Hey kaelyn23 It certainly is ok to come back, it is always ok to come back to Aftersilence, sometimes we all need a break from certain things in our life, but that doesn't mean we have to go forever, and I am glad you didn't go forever, because we always love to see people come back to Aftersilence I look forward to seeing you here again John
  17. John


    Hi gummybubble, I'm glad that you're here, and I just wanted to reassure you that whatever you say will be just fine, and if you don't really know what to say, just say whatever comes into your head and I am sure that will be just fine. We're here to support you through this hard time of your life, and not to judge, I look forward to seeing you here John
  18. John

    Hello =)

    Hi Stephanie, Taking steps towards your healing is a very positive way to deal with the past, and I think that by taking these steps you are now you're certainly only going to help yourself deal with what the future has to hold. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing you here in our online community John
  19. Hi, I hope this place does give you a place so that you're not so alone, AS is such a caring place and it really is so much better than being alone, I've met the most supportive and wonderful people here on AS, and I hope you do too. Also if it helps I'm pretty shy at times also John
  20. John


    Hi estream, I am glad that you find comfort here, although I can understand the sadness you feel also for so many people have been hurt for this place to exist, never the less I am very happy that it does exist because it provides support for people like us, and I am very glad to see you're seeking that support offered here. I look forward to seeing you here in the future John
  21. John


    Hey there 88Lou, I just wanted to say well done from coming here to AfterSilence, seeking help is never an easy step but you've done an awesome job of seeking help by coming here, and we're very glad to having you here at AS and we hope to travel with you on your healing journies s John
  22. Hi there, I am sorry for all you've been through however I think you've certainly made the right decision by coming here to AfterSilence, and I am looking forward to healing with you Take gentle care, John
  23. John


    Hi there Kat, Welcome to AS - I think you'll find alot of supportive people here who are going through what you are going through, and then hopefully you'll be able to support each other through this I think you've taken a very positive step by joining AS seeking others in your situation, so well done Take gentle care, John
  24. Hey Meg, Welcome to AfterSilence - I'm glad you've decided to come here and no you're certainly not too young to be here , as dodo said it's 14 to infinity, I generally try to bluff I'm in the infinity bracket also , however I can only get away with saying I'm 18, (19 next month ) and have been here since I was 16, so there's certainly no worries being that age, and from what I got from being here from 16 is that people didn't seem to refrain from talking to me because of my age, infact because we can't actually see you, generally people just go on how mature someone sounds in what they right, rather than there actual age . That's what I've found anyhoo I think being abit of a loner is all good here too I'm pretty shy myself, although I do have my good and close friendships, which is good So yeah I'd say I'm abit of a loner too, although I do seem to have become more open as I've gotten older, so maybe the same will happen with you too? Possibily - I hope to get to know you also and I hope that you get to know many people here at AS, and that we can all offer support and help each other through the hard times, because that's really what AS is all about so it's great to hear you're also hoping to help others also, because as well as getting support, AS is also a great place to give support to your fellow survivors, which is in its own right quite helpful to yourself also Anyhoo, I've prob gone on enough for now, all I wanna say now is welcome and I look forward to seeing you here and please feel free to PM me anytime John
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