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  1. Hey Ali, Welcome to AS - I'd like to be your friend, Pm me anytime. I have found AS to be a really supportive community and I hope you do too. I hope you get to share your story and you find this place to be able to give you some healing for your experiences. Hope to get to know you better soon, & remember ya can pm me anytime. Take care, -biggestfoot-
  2. Hi there.. Welcome to AS. Recently joined this too and it is my first time doing anything like this but i found it really helpful and I hope that you do too. It is a very supportive community. I hope you what your looking for here, and that it provides some healing to you. Look forward to chating you sometime and pm me if you ever think i can help in anyway. Take care, -biggestfoot-
  3. Hi there.. you take as much time off as you need...but remember we are always here should you need us.. or if you just want a chat.. so come back anytime you want.! :smile: take care mate... -biggestfoot-
  4. Hi there, Welcome to AS, We are here to support you though this, and I'm glad you finally found the courage to say it out loud yesterday, that takes alot of guts and I have alot of respect for you for doing that. I hope this website helps you out and you find some healing here. I look forward to chating with you and pm me anything. -biggestfoot-
  5. hey there, Welcome to As, Hope You find what your looking for here, hope it helps you and helps heal some of the pain you've had since you were a baby, this place is very supportive and I hope it helps, -biggestfoot-
  6. Hey Jennifer, I'm really am sorry that all this happen to you, it must have been really hard for you. The person that did this to you is scum, just remember that you are so much better then him. I'm sorry for you having to gone though this but I hope you do find the help you need here. Welcome to AS, I think you are so brave for come here. -biggestfoot-
  7. Hi there fallen angel, I have found AS to be a very supportive community so I hope you find the support you have look for here, if you ever think I can help then please PM me. Welcome to AS. -biggestfoot-
  8. John

    My Story

    Hey,, Im sorry your having such a hard time and I hope very much everything works out with you and your wife... Welcome to AS... You are very welcome here... -biggestfoot-
  9. John

    Hi, Im New

    Hey all, Thankyou all for such your warm welcomes, it really does mean alot to me, more then you'll ever know,, so thankyou so much... you have all been so nice to me here at AS so thankyou all for your help and you kind word... :hug: :hug: THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!! -biggestfoot-
  10. John


    Hey theatregrl, im 16 too, hope you find what you are looking for here, i look forward to offering any help i can to you here, im very sorry for what happen to you.... but as you said you are stronger then him...!! pm me anytime ya wanna talk.. -biggestfoot-
  11. John


    Hey.... welcome... This community is great because it allows us all to get togeather from all ends of earth... You can decide when you ready to move into getting support... It totally up to you.... I hope you find as helpful... I sure have.... Pm me should you ever want to... -biggestfoot-
  12. John

    Hello All

    Hey fox, We will do our best to help you in any way we can, this community is very supportive, hope you find the help you looking for. PM me if ya ever want to, I will do my best to help. -biggestfoot-
  13. John


    Hi there hope, You post as much or a little as you want. Whatever you find helpful. When you do post I hope you find our replys helps, I sure have. Im only new and I have found this place very helpful. I hope you find it very helpful too. If ya ever wanna talk then just PM me ok...im always open to help anyone, all they need to do is ask. biggestfoot.
  14. John


    Hi there, You are very welcome in this place and I hope it helps you to find some healing for the experiences you have had, if ya ever feeling abit new and lost then just PM me and ill do what I can to help.. biggestfoot
  15. Hey Kameron. Hope you find want you are looking for here, and I talk forward to chatting with you soon. Goodluck and WELCOME biggestfoot
  16. Hey there, Welcome to AS..!! Hope your are able to find the support you and your therapist want for you here... Hope it helps.. biggestfoot
  17. Hi there emma... Welcome to As, i hope you find it supportive, i have, at first is may seem abit "out there" but you do get used to it all.... it a very good community .. WELCOME biggestfoot.
  18. hey there alexis, Hope you find this site helpful... it may take abit of getting used to but it really is good once you get used to using it. WELCOME!! biggestfoot
  19. It should go there straight away... It should be where you posted it. biggestfoot
  20. John

    Hi, Im New

    Hi, Im John... Im new here, hello everyone.. Bye... Thanks.
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