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  1. John

    So New..

    Hi There - welcome to AS, it's understandable to be nervous at first, we totally understand, but that passes in time,
  2. John

    Hi I'm New :)

    Hi Ariel, Welcome to AfterSilence I am so very sorry to hear what happened to you, but am very glad you've decided to reach out to us here Take gentle care of yourself John
  3. We're all so glad you're come here Welcome
  4. I like the idea, will take to moderators to discuss, maybe it could go as subforum to Simply Life as I often see recipes in that forum.
  5. Whenever we deal with an issue with a member, we do so in private, so we don't release the specific details to the board, this is out of respect for the member(s) concerned, even if a specific member has been banned, it's also out of respect for others (members, moderators, other staff) who may have been involved, however we don't label someone as having bad intention, lightly. Please remember we only ban someone if they pose a serious safety risk to the board, and only do so, if we can't work out with them some way they can stay at the board, without posing a safety risk. As a general rule, someone with bad intention, as in the announcement we made earlier this week in regards to Andrew7, is someone who is looking to have contact with members here for the purpose of inhibiting (stopping or reversing) their healing, rather then furthering it as is our aim as a website. We never say someone has bad intentions for an isolated issue, but rather that they're generally a risk to this message boards purposes of healing, and it's member community as a whole. In the world we live in, we get all sorts of people, from very good, to very bad, and the reality of AS being an online medium means we are, from time to time, going to get people from all parts of that good-bad spectrum. That is why we monitor this board very heavily, to ensure that when a member does have bad intentions they're able to be dealt with swiftly to ensure the overall safety of the board. We have a staff team who all work very hard, and in unison to keep this place as safe as possible for everyone here, this is also why we have the guidelines we have, and why we monitor the members to ensure the guidelines are follow to ensure everyone here is kept safe. If anybody has any questions or concerns about there online safety, whether in regards to this weeks announcement or any other concern please don't hesitate to contact myself or any moderator.
  6. Weird ... but if it works that way then, awesome
  7. Hi All - was wondering if those who where having this issue previously could please see if it was still occurring now? Some "tinkering" under the hood of AS has occurred
  8. (((((((hugs)))))))) I am sorry for what happened in your past, but I am glad you've decided to break the silence and come here to AS
  9. Yes you're correct, this is a feature which I think in Firefox and Chrome. Not 100% sure as cookies don't really both me, I just eat them instead
  10. My pleasure - if you need anymore assistance please just post here and I'll be more than happy to help
  11. Found, If you're having problems deleting cookies using the links provided, either try it through the web browser, or there's tools you can download which could help you also - such as CCleaner
  12. Anna, Usually deleting cookies is done through the web browser settings, so it doesn't have anything to do with AS "per say" but is actually something you do in your web browser to delete them. There is a delete cookies link on AS down the bottom, however this is dependent on the permission setting in your browser. Can you try look up "How to delete cookies in (your browsers name)" in Google, it should give you some tutorials etc. Also further to raising this issue, we've been doing some "tinkering" under the hood of AS (as such) which will hopefully reduce the prevalence of this issue, will let you know when said tinkering is completed
  13. Hi Ashley - Can you please try - when I occurs, to wait say 2 -3 min then click refresh, does that help at all? The reason I ask is when I've had this happen with my searches previously I've done this and it helps fix it. Also I was able to just search your posts without any worries, but admittedly, I have tried to search your posts previously when you first posted about on 19th June, or other members posts and it's not worked, but by pressing refresh, even afew times after afew minutes it seems to "come good" as such, but I have also raised with other moderators for suggestions. Just give us abit of time to reply as it's been really busy recently
  14. Please see this post here -> http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.ph...st&p=881188 Hopefully it will explain everything
  15. Hi phoenixgirl and everyone Thanks so much for your suggestion. I will need to discuss this suggestion with my fellow moderators and let you know. I personally like the concept you've put forward but as I am sure you realise there's issues we'd need to discuss before making a decision on such a forum, especially when it's medically orientated. Again thank-you for your suggestion and "watch this space" John
  16. Hey there Welcome to AfterSilence glad to have you here
  17. John

    Hello Again

    Welcome back - I think it's great you're giving us another go. Take gentle care John
  18. John


    Hi there, Welcome to AS I admire you also - for coming here, it's not easy so well done
  19. Can you please try a different browser? Here are some suggestions as to what you can try: MozillaInternet ExplorerGoogle ChromeOperaSafari All of which can be downloaded by going to Google and searching for there respective websites. Also if you're using Mac OSX you can use Safari, and Firefox is also available in Linux John
  20. Hello and Welcome to After Silence I look forward to seeing you here
  21. Hi Sarai, I can explain this if it helps - It's a function that only board moderators and administrators have, they choose topics that are of importance to the board to be pinned. For example, the guidelines for a particular forum are usually pinned to the top of there respective forum. They also choose from time to time other topics they feel will be helped if kept at the top of a forum to be pinned. Topics can also be unpinned from time to time also if that topic is no longer needed to be pinned (e.g. relates to a past event etc) Whenever I've talked to the moderators they're always very open to members suggestions also - so if you've have a thread you think should be considered for pinning just send a PM I hope this helps explain how that works?
  22. Hi there and Welcome to AS I'm very glad you've decided to come to this place
  23. Please see that post now. John
  24. For multiple quote please use the + Quote button button next to each post to select all the posts you wish to quote: Then click: Then click the Add Reply Button To add all the select posts as quotes in your reply, this doesn't work with Fast Reply, only with Add Reply.
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