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  1. I don't recall sorry - when was this? If I know when it was it may help us track them down. Please do feel free to add resources you know of to this forum I'm pretty sure it let members add resources, if not let me know and I'll add the resources.
  2. Hi Wolfie, The resource board is split into quite large regional geographic areas, from which Europe is one of the listed area's. Please feel free to add any area's in the European area, including any the 4 countries in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), and the dependant collonies into that forum, as well as any other European countries. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showforum=78 John
  3. Thankyou for coming to AS, and I look forward to seeing you here -
  4. I'm not sure if this is something that can be changed. Will look into it
  5. If you have under 10 posts you can just PM a moderator, I have Pm'd you the password
  6. John

    Hello All!

    Hey Em, Welcome to Aftersilence I hope you find the help and validation your looking for here
  7. Yes that's absolutely OK - it's more just about respecting others people's privacy. You can PM people from AS, but we don't have an email function inbuilt. In terms of an App for AS, it may actually be a really good way to promote to website to people. Like all it would have to be is a web browser application made to the dimensions of AS - pretty straight forward stuff, Java But would mean we could put the app on Itunes and people would see our site, now that'd be cool
  8. Hi, You can use this site off any web enabled device - however for best usage - it would be better to use this site on computer, personally I would use Firefox or Chrome. We ask members not to copy and paste posts from protected sections of this website, rather send a link. Thanks John
  9. OurJourney, If you'd like, feel free to PM me about this - we can't give secondaries access to the Share your Story, but there maybe something else we can facilitate between the both of you to help her heal, such as using a section both of you can access. I hope this helps John
  10. Yes, secondaries don't have access to this forum - as it contains content which is sensitive towards survivors, we only allow other survivors to access this forum.
  11. John


    Hi there and welcome to AS. This is a great place to come and get support at tghis difficult time for you. I am glad you've come here to AS
  12. Welcome to After Silence Red. Thankyou for joining us here
  13. Should be fixed now If not let us know.
  14. Only new members require the password. Please see announcement for more information. If you have over 10 posts you won't be asked for the password.
  15. The password is a new safety feature, I will PM now. Sharing my Story
  16. Which forum are you looking for access to?
  17. John


    Welcome to AS Am very glad you've decided to come here! I look forward to seeing you here at Aftersilence
  18. That's a very good tip from Rainwoman! Thank-you Rain
  19. Welcome and thank-you for coming here,
  20. Welcome to Aftersilence I hope you find what you're looking for here
  21. The only issue is a technical one -- it's hard to implement such a link onto every AS page, my advice would be as follows, update yourself to latest version of your favorite web browser with tabs, then always have Google as the first tab, and have AS open in the second, if you quickly need to close, then click CTRL + W It's always best to test this works on your individual computer before in a real situation. Also by doing this, it mean people can't click the back button to see what you've been viewing, where a Quick Escape button would allow this. Hope this helps John
  22. Hello and Welcome to AS I'm like you a male survivor, we support both male and female survivors equally here at AS, and have a number of resources for male survivors, including the male forum, and we have a wide range of survivors here from every part of the globe, and we all support each other through everything Take care John
  23. Thanks for your suggestions - although sexual assault, rape etc, inherently involve some violence, it's not always the case, and as such I can see why you made this suggestion. I will take it to my fellow moderators and we'll discuss it from there John
  24. John


    Hey there - am very glad you where able to find us here We're always glad to have survivors finding us so we can continue to support each other, well done on taking those first steps into our little part of cyber space
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