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  1. Hey fightinside, AfterSilence is a safe place, it's not possible for anyone to contact you outside of AfterSilence, or follow you outside of AfterSilence unless you give out your personal information to them. This place is carefull moderated and observed, to ensure this is a safe place for all survivors, and the only way someone could track you through AfterSilence is if you give out your personal information If you have any questions please feel free to PM any member of the Newbie Support Team
  2. John


    Hey fightinside, and Welcome to AfterSilence I am really glad that you've come here and I look forward to getting to know you, and I really hope this place which has helped me so much, can also help you on your healing journey this is such a wonderful and healing place John
  3. I think personally, this is a good idea as long as their isn't anything off limits for other members, I believe it's a really good idea, because their are many issue which are age specific, and also it will give members an opportunity to connect with, and bond with people of similar age groups, which in society is quite normal, and as long as their is no exclusion of other age groups from the forums then I'm all for it. Also by having it open for all, and as Melzie said, having the forums geared towards but not exclusive, would addresses any of the "against" points I brought up previously. Just my persons view The mod team are discussing it currently, and I'm sure they'll get back to you once they've decided what to do Thanks John
  4. John


    Hey ShoePanda, It sounds like you're understanding some pretty interesting studies there - I'm glad that you're deciding to come here for some support and to be able to talk to people who have been through simialr things to you, because there are certainly people here who can relate to you, and who can validate you. I'm glad to see you here getting that support, although I am very sorry for what has brough you here I hope you find the support you're looking for here at AS, and please feel free to PM me anytime
  5. Hey there kel81, I'm a fellow Aussie here at AfterSilence, and it's wonderful to see you here at AfterSilence, and I am really glad that you've decided to come here and seek the support that is here at AS, I'm very sorry for what has brought you here to AS, but also at the same time very happy you've decided to reach out to AS. Well Done! I look forward to seeing you here at AS, and please turn to AS whenever you need support, the people here at such a great support, and I am sure they'll reach out to you, like they have done to so many other including myself. I look forward to seeing you here, and feel free to PM me anytime
  6. Hey trutoyou, Well done on making your first post here on AS, that's a wonderful mildstone, and understandabily very hard I'm sure, so I am very proud of you for doing this I am glad you're making the decision to seek help here at AS, and I hope over time you can build up good relationship here at AS, and feel more comfortable posting. Please lean on AS whenever you need help, everyone here is so supportive, and I am glad you're seeking that support ... I look forward to seeing your posts here at AS, and having you here
  7. I agree with everyone here, this is a tremendous achievement. Kudos to you
  8. You can put them in an ignore list so that you can't see their posts, you will still see where they have posted, but not their actual posts, unless you specifically choose to. You have a PM block list, which blocks specific people from sending you PMs, and then you have an Ignored Users list, which manages the users who you don't wish to see posts from, both of these lists can be found on the left hand side My Controls panel. Hey there Sunshinee, you sure can ... this forum is used as a kind of corrispondence forum between the member community and the AS team, and is a place where you can give us suggestions, ask us questions (except for the womens forum password question, please PM us for this), or leave a comment. It's a great way where you can make suggestions, and share ideas you have that could make AS even better then it is now, and many members ideas have been incorporated into AS and continue to make AS the great place it is today ... and yes this forum does also have FAQs etc, and information about AS for the public also In regards to these comments, this question is a legitimate one, and one we're happy to answer and help you out in resolving, however, all the staff at AfterSilence are volunteers, so we do need abit more then afew hours to respond most of the time, we all have our own lives to lead, and aren't on call for AfterSilence, however we do try our best to respond as quickly as possible. I can also assure azazo that we do answer every question within a responable time (if we have not responded to a question within afew days, then please feel to bump the thread) and that the whole AS team works very hard to ensure this website continues to run smoothly and that all concerns that members raise are addressed in due course, and ensure AS continues to be the wonderful place it is today. We do this as volunteers, basically because we really like doing this (I know personally I love it), and helping other survivors on their healing journies, however as you can understand we all lead our busy lives (work, families, studies, business etc), and as such, do need time to respond to these kind of things on AS. Please, if you have any issues regarding the contribution of any AS team member please feel free to PM them, or the administrative team. Thanks John
  9. Hey Cathryn, Thought I'd just say Hi, back and let you know I think it's a good thing that you've come here, even though I am very sorry for what brings you here, I am glad you're here to seek support and travel this healing journey with other survivors like yourself I'm look forward to having you here, feel free to PM me anytime
  10. John


    Hey Jenny, Welcome to AfterSilence - thanks for poking your head in and saying hi, I'm very sorry for what happened to you when you where young, and its understandable how you're feeling at the moment, and it's a totally natural reaction. The people here at AfterSilence are very supportive and helpful and I hope you find the support here that you're looking for. I'm glad you've turned here for support, and look forward to having you here, feel free to PM me anytime
  11. John


    Hey Izzy, In regards to your question, it's very possible to have what we call Repressed Memories in regards to child abuse and it's a way in which the brain will coap with the hurt you've experienced as a way to ensure you survive what you've been through, so yes what you're experiencing has alot of validatity and is certainly possible. I just wanted to say Hi, and welcome you to AfterSilence - there are alot of people here who will be able to relate to the abuse and feelings you've have and still are experiencing as an aftermath of the abuse, and there is alot of support here for all survivors - I hope you can find the support you're looking for here at AS - remember we're here to help John
  12. Hey Caitlin, Good luck tomorrow, ... I'm very sorry for what you and your brother have been through, and even though I know it will be hard tomorrow I think you're doing the right thing :hug:s Please turn to the lovely and caring people here at AS whenever you need support and comfort, we're here to help John
  13. Maybe if you find something on the net out their, you could put a link to here? And then next time Lindy goes and adds emotions into the BB system, (I noticed from time to time we have new emotions added) she could add that one too? John
  14. Thanks for making a suggestion tuliptorn I'm going to pass it onto the administrators. The decision as to if these suggestions will be a reality on AfterSilence, ultimately rests with the administrators, personally I believe there are strong reasons both for and against the uptake of this new suggestion. Obviously, anything that will benifit the community as a whole and enchance the overall healing experience that can be obtained here at AS, and is technically and stratigically possible, has a good case for being uptaken, however personally I don't know if this is the case or not, and ultimately it's not my call anyways I personally can see the reasons, both for and against such forums, such as: For: * People can often relate to people of the same age better than those whole are of different ages and generations *Age specific issues, such as menopause, and puppetry can be discuss with the relative age groups * Networking with members of the same generation can be health Against: * Age isn't, by any respects, a measure of maturity, or readiness to discuss certain issues, and at AS, I know there are many teenagers, and young people, who have manurity beyond their years, and as such, I wouldn't see it as fair to have them excluded from adult discussions simply because of a social classification such as their age group. *Administration and moderation of such forums such prove a very difficult task, because, A) all the site's moderators are over 20, and all forums need moderation, by more then more than one moderator (incase of unavailability), so in many generations, and age groups, we have no, moderators falling within that age group *We already have a minimum joining age of 14 here at AS *How would we setup, and administer, who gets access to what forum? It's not a requirement to have your birthday recorded at AS, and many members don't enter their birthday onto their profile, so how would access to the relative forums be given? *Growing up, is a tranistional thing, e.g. someone could turn 20 tomorrow, meaning that, they could instantly lose access to a teen forum, and be thrown into a 20+ forum, however the amount they've grown up in that 24 hour period, isn't going to be greatly different to any other 24 hour period, and growing up, isn't a instant thing, is's tranistional. Then as Sonnet flagged, where do we draw the line? *It may mean issues, which other age groups may have a greater understanding of then original thought, maybe excluded from such discussions, e.g. generally it's considered an 25 year old wouldn't know anything about menopause, however, this doesn't take into account specific situaitons such as that 25 year old maybe a doctor and may have alot of valuable insight into such issues. *We're all survivors, and that's the reason we're all here at AfterSilence, and regardless of our different circumstances, and social groups (e.g. our age or generation), we all share the common goal of healing from the experiences that we have unfairly had bestowed upon us, and as such, a unified approach, and community, allows for that to effectively occur. I am sure, we can all come up with more reasons both for and against, such forums, and, I am sure the administrators will take into account of all these issues when making a decision (decisions making at AS is very thorough to ensure the best outcomes) as to if they implement such a system or not, and will let you all know their decision when they've made it I trust their judgement and I am sure they'll make the best decision for the community.
  15. Hey Leonora, That sounds like a pretty awesome psych you got their, I reckon talking to people about what happened has been one of the best, and most empowering things I've ever done, also, something cool I'm 18 too, and from Australia, hehe , and yeah, we all know on AS that Aussies rock the world (well it a working progress to convience everyone, but we'll get there ) I'm really glad that you'ved decided to come to AS, and share some of the hurts that you've experienced, because by sharing the burdens which we've got, we can all help each other in overcoming those hurts Feel free to PM me anytime John
  16. Hey there Teardrop1986, Welcome Back to AS I look forward to seeing you here at AfterSilence and I hope that you can find the support you deserve here at AS
  17. Hey Kelly, Welcome to AfterSilence - I am really sorry about the situation with your sister Kelly, it sounds complex, and I hope she sees sense, because she should believe you, how you're feeling is totally understandable and she should believe you ... I am sorry for the hurt this is causing you I look forward to seeing you around AfterSilence and getting the support you deserve, because this site is very supportive - Feel free to PM me anytime
  18. Hey Samantha, Welcome to AfterSilence - I'm 18 so I'm only abit older then you - I am really sorry that you've been having such hard recently, AS is a really supportive place to be, and I hope we can help with supporting you through these difficult times I look forward to seeing you here at AfterSilence
  19. John


    Hey Kit, Welcome to AfterSilence - I am 18, so we're of similar age, I hope that you can find comfort and healing here at AfterSilence, that's a really nice picture of you and your BF , and look forward to getting to know you here at AS. Please feel free to PM me anytime John
  20. Hey Abz4711, I don't think that we met last time you where here, but I just wanted to welcome you to AfterSilence, looking at when you joined I would say there has been quite afew changes here since you where last a regular here, but I am sure the same caring feeling that was around then, is still here now - I certainly feel as if this place is very caring in the time I've been here I'm look forward to getting to know you, Welcome Back to AfterSilence Feel free to PM me anytime
  21. Hey softballshorty10, I am sure you'll figure things out quickly, using the site, is pretty easy once you get used to it ... and of course the Newbie Support Team is here for you if you need any assistance - Looking forward to having you here at AfterSilence and I hope to get to know you more as times goes by Feel free to PM me anytime
  22. Hi Stef, This is done by clicking, "My Controls" which takes you to your control panel, then Clicking "Edit Profile Information" on the left hand side menu, and then changing or putting text into the text box next to "Custom member title" If you have any trouble figuring it out, please feel free to post here again John
  23. John


    I'm glad you find AS such a nice place to be, I also find it very helpful, thanks for sharing your support
  24. Hey missygal, AfterSilence was the first survivors supporting site I've ever been apart of also, it's a really great and supportive site and I am glad that you've decided to be apart of our community, I look forward to seeing you here and hope to get to know you more soon .. Feel free to PM me anytime
  25. John

    Never Shy

    Hey there AnnaMarie, Hehe You'r'e funny, I love your outgoing personality - I'm abit weird, sometimes I will be like totally shy, and other times I'll be like totally loud! I'm really happy to hear you're so pumped about being here at AfterSilence and I'd love to see your Myspace page, especially seeming I'm a teen Totally pumped to get to see you here at AS, and really hope I can get to know you more soon, and feel free to PM me anytime - I love to talk ;)
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